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Suggestion for Airbnb re: reviews

Some of my best guests have been new to Airbnb and are just overjoyed at their first experience in our home and raved about it in their reviews.

Some of my worst guests have been those who opened an account years ago, claim to be Airbnb veterans, yet curiously have no reviews on their profile.

I think I’ve figured out the reason for the latter. :tired_face:

Does anyone else think someone’s profile should show how many stays they’ve had on Airbnb, along with their number of reviews?

Like: Abraham Abysmal Guest
6 stays on Airbnb
0 reviews

I think this would be a nice heads-up to hosts (and even guests) to maybe ask about past stays.


I think that’s a great idea.

I like this idea very much. I’d also like it to include the number of reviews they have left for hosts. I hesitate to accept guests who have been reviewed but have never left a review for their previous hosts, it seems like they don’t engage with the whole system/spirit. Oh and another thing, a way for guests’ travelling companions to be linked in to the review process. Many of my absolute worst guests have been companions or partners of the person who made the booking.


It is an awesome idea, Magwitch. I also think Airbnb has some tweeking to do in its user interface when it comes to the guest naming all the people on the reservation. I have heard that if a guest is not named on the reservation correctly, with an account, then if they are injured it is not covered. Has anyone else heard this?

His would be more useful than stars.

Great idea. I have often wondered, how could someone be on AirBnB for 2 years + and indeed made use of it, yet never have a single review? Of the 5 ‘bad’ guests I have had the last year, this has been the case in 4/5 of them. I have left them all ‘read between the lines’ (for host’s benefit) reviews.

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It just means they were/are inactive.
I was on airbnb for about 2 years and never had a review for that period. The reason being, I signed up and booked a place for a trip, but then had to cancel the trip. Kind of forgot about airbnb and never used it,

On a related subject, I notice that when guests are reviewed by hosts, the host reviews are shown on the guest account. But if the guest has reviewed the host, those reviews are not linked to the guest account. You have to go and search for them. This seems like a glaring UI deficiency. Am I somehow mistaken about this? Or is there possibly a reason for it? And if it is a real issue, has anyone reported it?

Should I open a separate thread for this?

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