Suggestion box - good idea? And, what do you use for yours?

That’s terrific that you installed a grab bar based on your guest’s suggestion ~ kudo points to you!

After about a half-dozen instances of re-securing the towel bar outside the shower/tub combo, my housecleaner suggested installing grab bars. Even I found it precarious stepping out of the tub and would grab the towel bar but grab bars never occurred to me.

The housecleaner (whose previous career was in construction) purchased two classy-looking grab bars and installed one inside the tiled tub enclosure and one just outside – both in perfect spots and angles. What an improvement!

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Super! Fortunately my tub is wood framed and I purchased a grab bar and installed it myself right on the edge of shower wall! I have a plastic surround tub enclosure and thought better of putting one inside the tub - although I know they have the suction cup kind - but that scares me, I wonder the strength of one of those? And since that time, I always mention my other bathroom with the spacious walk-in tiled shower for people who seem to be a little less steady. I agree - the older I get the more I realize that stepping into a bathtub is not always smooth sailing.

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When I added a bathroom to my guest room I made it a walk in shower. A guest suggested I add a shower bench for women who wanted to shave their legs. I did not have one built in. So I found one cheap on ebay.

I found a grab bar that doubles as a shelf for my bathroom with a tub and I think my next TP holder is going to be one with integrated grab bar.


that is an AWESOME grab bar! and I LOVE the seat Idea - I have thought about putting a seat in both my walk in showers in the house and also the outdoor one!!!

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The master bath here (not the rental) is 7’ long shower stall and at the end there is a built-in ledge for sitting. It’s a solid slab of Corian. I just prop each leg up when washing my feet, etc.

I don’t dare sit on it because then I’d be hollering for an abalone fisherman.

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