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Suggested prices higher than prices I've set

Dear fellow hosts,
I’ve noticed quite a few hosts puzzled/upset that airbnb suggests much lower prices than what the hosts think it’s fair or appropriate. I’m puzzled by the opposite situation – the prices suggested by airbnb are about 40%-50% higher than what I charge. I could certainly increase my prices, but I don’t think it’s realistic. I’d love to hear your thoughts, please.

Mine are too. I’m wondering if it’s because we are in South Florida (I’m assuming that from your name!) and Airbnb hasn’t realised that this is the slow season for us.

In many parts of the country and indeed the world, the summer months are the busiest for vacation traffic. That’s the only thing I can think of. Our base price is $125 but the Smart Pricing is going as high as $179 in hurricane season :slight_smile:

@jaquo I’m relieved that you are experiencing the same thing. I have lowered our price based on the season and I’m always puzzled and amused as to the significantly higher prices the system recommends! Yes, I’m in Coconut Grove (Miami) at The Mutiny hotel. Wishing you continued success!

You too :slight_smile:

Hey wouldn’t it be great if Airbnb has some information that we don’t and that this summer is going to be warm, dry and lovely — and that hundreds of people are going to be flocking here to our listings and we really CAN charge those high prices :wink:

Have you considered the obvious possibility? Airbnb has hired the Psychic Friends Network to consult for them.

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Yeah… AirBnb hasn’t a clue about pricing things here in Florida! We lowered our price back in late April. Still haven’t had any summer bookings yet. Hopefully the Germans and French will be coming to Fort Myers in June/July/August as they usually do.

I’m in NY and their pricing is way off, much too low. It’s just an algorithm that’s poorly programmed I think.

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