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Submit questions for the next Host Q&A


It’s that time once again to submit and vote on questions to Airbnb! How about we post here the REAL questions we’d like answered but know they never will. I’ll start. Here’s a question for you, Brian;

Why didn’t you answer the top questions from the last Q&A but instead made it all about what you wanted to say?


Good topic @Mike_L. I’ll start thinking about this.


I really want AIRBNB to collect tax separately from everyone. I know they do it for some states as a topic.


!. When will Airbnb produce a critical information summary/product disclosure sheet or “something” to clearly state what the host guarantee covers.


What records are kept of problem guests? Often reviews have been taken down or hosts have been too kind, but we hosts need protection from these guests. What is the decision making process for getting problem guests off the platform.


Brian, You say your vision of Airbnb is not just places to stay but all aspects of a trip including experiences and airline tickets. Then why don’t you offer travel insurance so hosts aren’t left with nothing when guests cancel?


In Hawaii, they have been negotiating with the state to collect it for us. It’s a bargaining chip for them that they won’t give up easily. Such as adding a line item so we can do it. If allowed to collect, it legitimizes their operations in the state, and is very valuable…but that is why Ige vetoed it and why it keeps dying in the legislature.


Hawaii really needs it with the rebuilding of the Napali damaged area and Volcano damages.


Sorry to inform you Mummy, but Oahu keeps our tax and doles it out to neighbor islands at capped rates like a mom giving out allowance. Oh and not to mention they all approved the 1% TAT hike so that our visitors can pay for their overbloated rail.

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