Subjective Location Rating by Guest Type

We run a five star hidden gem in a decent working-class/upcoming artist’s neighborhood. We are half a mile to some of the best restaurants in town. On top of that we are half a block away from a beautiful several mile long river side park with scenic trees and a beautiful river. The thing is is that our neighborhood is quite diverse and even though you never hear the trains, the train tracks are about 3/4 miles away and there is a small warehouse district. The diversity and the fact that we are not just some cookie-cutter suburb, adds to the fact that our neighborhood truly speaks for our entire city. Art, love, bars, night life, fine dining, warehouses, large breweries, rich people, and homeless people…

Needless to say we don’t always get 5 stars on location but have received 5 stars in every other category from over 50 reviews.

With that said, isn’t it weird that the lower income guests tend to review the neighborhood with less than 5 stars while the more affluent guests give us 5 stars across the board??? It’s almost as if the people who truly are well-traveled are much less judgmental.

I get the same. So frustrating, particularly when I point out what sort of area I live both in my listing and my messages confirming a guests booking.

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