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Studios listed as 1-Bedrooms


I even raised my prices by $15 a night this week because I didn’t want to deal with last-minute guests who might be unprepared for our snow!

As we’ve discussed before, my location isn’t for everyone. I get a lot of guests who want to be near family they’re visit in my neighborhood, or want to be near Capitol Hill when the hill itself is booked.

I ended up blocking April but I do seem to be a few pages in for March. I have some things up in the air right now with my personal life so I’ve been opening my calendar just 1-2 months out. Most of my reservations are 2-weeks or less before arrival date. I use the strategy of pricing high and lowering my price as it gets closer. That allows me to book at a higher rate for special events when all the hotels are booked.

Thank you for the encouragement! I really am in an oversaturated market as everyone wants to cash in Seattle’s current boom. I’ve done everything I can to stand out: professional photographer and excellent reviews, most importantly. I don’t think I can do much more but wait for our new regulations to kick in and force some of the STR buildings to go back to being LTRs. I just wish I didn’t feel like I had to complete against budget places to attract bookings, but they are closer to the lightrail and freeway than I am (ironically, the places closer to the freeway don’t usually have free parking).

Speaking of saturation: there have been three other AirBnBs just on my block, to my knowledge. Two other basement apartments, and a small house. The house closed up about two years ago, as soon as there was a whiff of regulations coming, and has just sat vacant (occasionally the owners, who live in a nearby city, come and do maintenance). One of the basements closed after maybe six months due to family members moving in. The other basement is a new host and I’m not sure they’ll have the patience to continue long-term. It seems few hosts stick it out (even I took 1.5 years off), and with our new STR regulations, I’m hoping we will no longer see entire apartment buildings converted into AirBnBs.


I was in Seattle last week and would have loved to stay with you or @Arlene_Larsson. But the friend in Seattle lives near Columbia City and our (canceled unfortunately) concert was at Showbox SoDo. So her location was ok for that and absolutely free so I stayed there. I also looked at a couple of Airbnbs near my friend in case another friend from Portland came up for the show. There is a ton of availability at good prices.


If you’re ever coming to town again let me know!! Although we aren’t near light rail; we’re on Queen Anne, but we do have very easy bus access, a nice view and free parking. @Xena the Seattle market is just so over saturated right now. But cruise season is right around the corner!!!

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