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Strange arrival and cruddy departure


I rent out an apartment that is on the same property as my home. I give easy clear instructions and none of my 38 guests have had issues finding their unit until last night…
This couple arrived at 8:15pm and entered my private area that’s marked Do Not Enter. Then tried to push past me to go inside my house. I closed my door and brought them to their unit. They claimed to not have read the instructions because they didn’t have time! So they entered my private area to seek an open door? Creepy!! And dumb and rude!!! Also was a lie because they mentioned things that gave away the fact they read the info. So freaking weird.
Then after they check out I wait about 2 hours and entered the room to clean and am overwhelmed by the smell of poop. They didn’t ventilate or spray. Just gross.


The joys of hosting. It does make you wonder about some people. Most are great and then there are the other ones.


“THE OTHERS!!!” lol!

We could use that as a secret key word in our reviews!


I hope you opened a case with Air and documented all these issues as well as collect a deposit. These are the kinds of things that make us want to stop hosting.

I’ve had great guests this season. My current guests had their friends arrive in town and left to stay with them. For the most part they are all checked out but since I can’t rent it anyway, (calendar is blocked) I told her to just come back if she wanted to snorkel again here because she is paid up until Sunday 11am.

May 2016 bring us all the best!


Sounds like a movie title!

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