Strange "alarm clock" symbol on the calendar / date blocked

I have this strange “alarm clock” icon showing up on my calendar. At the same time, those dates also get blocked.
I can unblock them manually, but I dont really understand why this is happening in the first place. Anyone?
(screenshot below)

I get this symbol [which I thought looked like a bomb] when my booking window has closed. I only allow people to book more than 24 hrs before their arrival. When the room is still not booked 23 hrs before, this icon appears.

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I also get that icon if I mark my calendar to block a day before and after a reservation. Maybe you accidentally turned that feature on? I also found that even though I was manually unblocking those days if it turned out I didn’t need them blocked, they were still unavailable to be booked. I found this out when someone who was here wanted to stay another day.

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Is someone trying to book and they are still within the 24-hour period to get their credit card approved?

In my experience it will then say ‘pending’

That’s the only time I’ve ever seen it.