Stove destroyed again!

It seems when folks cook Indian food at my air bnb, it takes over an hour to get the stove clean. Anyone have any products or techniques that have been effective?

What is the cook top surface?

is it glass/smooth top?

I like this…

I’ve used Cerema Bryte, but switched over to Barkeeper’s Friend powder. Works great on my glass induction cooktop.

I like Barkeepers friend too. I linked the cerama bryte kit because it comes with a razor scraper & scubby pad for those “baked on” globs. But the scraper and scubby are easily purchased separately.

A razor scraper is essential, and makes quick work out of burnt on foods. Be sure to spray cleaner or even water on it first (and let it sit for a bit) to help loosen the residue and prevent scratches.

My razor is my favorite cleaning tool. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Clorox Kitchen spray. I spray it, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe.

DESTROYED is a bit harsh! Tell us what the stove top is like and we can provide some reasonable advice – like buying foil burner up liners if you have metal coil burner elements, or lining the burner pan if you have a gas stove.

Simplest answer is to stop allowing guests to cook at your place.

Like others have posted a few more details would be helpful. I’m a huge fan of the Mr. Clean magic eraser. That wouldn’t be your first step if you have globs of cooked on burnt food. If you have electric burners or iron grates and burner tops for a gas stove then I can see your frustration with cleaning all that. I’d be using the Easy Off oven cleaners on surfaces where it’s safe and a plastic knit scrubby first. Polish off with magic eraser and microfiber cloth. Polishing dry is essential if you want a shiny like new surface.