Stolen trainers

4 male guests came home late and tipsy, which is ok, but they didn’t shut the front door. As a result my lovely (£140) Nikes have gone. I mentioned it to them, they instantly offered to reimburse me, bless them. I said as I’d had them a couple of months, lets call it £100, and they can have their late checkout for free.

They left £150 :slight_smile:


Happy to hear they were willing to pay the “stupidity tax” for their fun night out & lack of attention.

Glad it was only trainers that walked away!


yes, they could have got a grand worth of my jackets, if they’d grabbed an armful of those.

I hate that door anyway. I’ve spent hours trying to make it draught proof, to no avail. Might treat myself to a nice new double glazed composite affair.

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