Stolen listing by another host

I purchased my condo as an investment (short term rental). I had a heck of a time getting to seller to cancel his listings of now MY property. He even had it hidden in others names. When I actually looked up my address on Google I found it on the sellers realtor’s website. Same pictures, address everything. When I confronted the realtor I was told that the seller and he both worked together (they manage a lot of listings in the same area) had asked him to list it on his website. He told me that they don’t get a lot of activity from the listing…only return guests. Can you believe it? I was preparing myself for challenging guests. I had no idea that the fellow hosts in the area would be my biggest obstacle. I could use some positive advise.

Call AirBnb and tell them what’s going on. Since you now own the property, demand that the other realtor take it off his listing or you will report him to the local Real Estate Commission/Board for unethical conduct.

Don’t worry, you’ll have your share of “challenging” guests.


What were they expecting to happen if anyone booked the place? The people would come knocking at the door and you would have no idea who they were? Or do they still have keys to the place?

Are you sure it was a legit real estate transaction? Do you have the title?

I don’t understand how they could benefit from doing this if you have possession of the property unless they are outright scammers. In any event, flag the listing and report to Air.


Link bait for another property?



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I was walking down the street past the seller’s real estate office a year after we bought, and saw my house in their window.

I walked in, assuming it was an accident, but within 5 seconds they had peppered me with so many questions and raised eyebrows that I left without closure. They kept the picture up another couple of days, even.

On a different forum they used to call realtors “used house salesmen” … I hope I never have to buy from a shifty one again.