Stayz to Honeaway - DONT DO IT

Had my first booking, they have stayed and NO PAYMENT!
Ring them - trying to find the phone number was NO FUN.
Where is my money please?
this is your first booking with Homeaway? We HOLD THE FUNDS FOR 30 DAYS!
No where is this made clear anywhere!
Succesfull host on AirBNB,, Agoda and previously Stayz and no info anywhere on their site re when payment will come!

Cancelling ALL THEIR BOOKINGS as this is intolerable!

First booking payment is held 30 days from guest payment. I get half my bookings from VRBO. I think their fee’s are higher, however, I really like having a real security deposit with them.

Don’t quote me but I believe VRBO, HA, Stayz or whatever they are called means to be just like Airbnb. They are implementing their policies slowly like a frog being boiled so you don’t notice. That means that pretty soon, I predict, they will be adjudicating the security deposit and determining refund policy. You watch.

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I’ve just had my ‘first’ with homeaway. Will have to check my payments. Crazy since I was with Stayz for years. It also looks like they are prompting reviews as I received an email saying my guest have reviewed me and would I like to review them back? I loved that stayz didn’t push reviews before.

Really? What is the reason they hold the funds? It makes no sense.
I used to list with many sites and now mostly do Airbnb. It’s much easier when it comes to all aspects: dealing with guest’s, payment system, etc.

I haven’t accepted the new HA dashboard and it hasn’t updated yet.
But I hardly get any Stayz bookings I will be surprised if I get an increased booking rate.

Thirty days hold - it is to protect from criminals with a hot card using their site to extract money from the card.

Stolen card > fake listing > money diverted to new account - criminal disappears after one of the links is broken.
30 days holding time is enough time for someone to notice suspicious activities.

BUT they don’t TELL you that they are holding the payment. I have been on Stayz for 2 years with around 12 bookings. Homeaway have eaten Stayz. Why doesn’t my previous standing hold? No changes, payment account still the same and now I have to jump through their hoops?
Nope - all their bookings now cancelled and they can go jump!

I have 1 Stayz booking in May. Will that be paid out as per Stayz policy or the new HA policy?

I am sure Airbnbhas its share of those but they deal with it not making us pay the price

Airbnb now do something similar with new hosts.

HomeAway is not the credit card processor.
They use VacationRentPayment / Yapstone…and outside , inferior, inept, service
And … you must also be sure to have a signed contract and photo id.
Be alert for fraud…and stolen credit cards. They will deduct any of their mistakes from your account.

@konacoconutz I agree with you about VRBO etc slowly becoming more like Airbnb and are closing down the features such as being able to book directly with guests and contact directly with guests. The expense of VRBO is very much higher and I have not signed up for this year since my bookings through them are way down. ALSO I have trouble booking internationally since I own property in Canada and am trying to get my listing noted in Canadian dollars and the fees deposited into my Canadian account - ugh. VRBO-HomeAway last year were depositing the funds into my account “when” the booking occurred instead of when the guest arrived and then in the fall of 2017 they started depositing the fees when guests arrived without notice of a change. They also misrepresent what your final rental income by including their fee in that income which of course is removed before you are reimbursed. I have called to try to understand what they are doing but have not received any real guidance.