Stats reset last night

So all the stats on the app for views went to 0 last night and now they are up to 6 views. It was nearly 300 before. Never seen this happen mid month before. Usually does it at the end of the month.

Ours too…

Me to, from 200+ down to 8

Mine too thought it was strange.

Mine didn’t reset. I get very few compared to you all, I have 49 for the month. Maybe you have so many you broke the system. LOL.

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yeah same here. Odd.


It has reset again. Haha

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Yup, down to zero :rage: 20 characters

I have a question about the stats. I haven’t found them to be that useful, so am curious how you are using them. I can see how many views my listing has had, but since I don’t know how many views happened in my city during that same period, they don’t mean much. The number of inquiries is inaccurate. They are counting the number of messages, even when the messages are exchanged with already booked guests. The number of bookings is accurate, but I already know that number without them counting for me.

So, how are you using the Stats numbers?

I usually get a booking every 36 app views. Doesn’t really have any real use but it’s nice to see it going up.

The stats are an indicator to us whether the listing is getting enough exposure. If it drops, we fiddle with it so (hopefully) it goes up in the ranking. Unfortunately, anything short of a major revamp and new photos doesn’t seem to move the ranking up very much. Will ask for ideas in another thread

I never look at them!

This is the new look now on my dashboard…

And I don’t care about how many people view my place or stats. I want the hard numbers of bookings.

Am I booked? Yes, then all is well.

But what are you comparing it to? How do you know how many people are searching for places in Tokyo in order to compare your views?

Comparing to our own stats in previous months, I guess. When we go from 50+ to 10 views a day, that tells me something needs to be done.