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Stats and second rentals

If I’m a Superhost and start another listing for another property, will my listing be starting all over as if I’m brand new? Or will it benefit?

If you have more than one listing, are you glad you expanded? What advice might you have for others considering it?

I saw your other post and will answer both questions here. Your SH status goes with YOU so if you have multiple properties they will all show that YOU are a SH. Secondly, on the stats page you just get another ‘line’ for the second property. I doubt the SH stats start over, since its accumulative . We have 3 soon to be 4 properties, and while others on this forum disagree with buying properties just to STR them, we have been extremely happy with the decision.

My advice, it’s hard and can get hairy real quick! It is legit double the work, stress, income, etc. Good Luck

Thank you, Azreala, for your response. I enjoy hosting and it would be something I could do after retirement. Finding properties is the key and I’m not very experienced. Just gathering information at this point.

Are your properties most homes in great locations? What criteria do you use in choosing properties?

Funny you ask about SFHs. @Anastasia_Stal were just speaking about this. I personally do not think SFHs are a must if you are in an urban location, as realistically 1) they do not exist 2) they are beyond our budget. We are in SF, Barcelona, and Northern CA wine country. We had been renting our main home in SF, while we travelled, since 2010. We then bought a place in BCN for our family, bc they are mostly in the EU, and thought ‘oh, lets ABB for a little extra cash’. Well, 3 years later we mainly rent it, and visit for a month once a year. We then did an exhaustive search for a place with low prop values, but high rental values, and bought there. Plus, the added bonus of another vacation house in a place we can visit on the weekends, wasn’t bad.

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