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Starting a Bed Linen Supply company mainly to support our airbnb and other Hosts?

how am i the middle man, if im manufacturing it and im selling it? :confused: im confused…

There are quite a few businesses online that cater to STR related supplies such as limens that should come up on a Google search @TEXLANKAN

The middle man is the person who sells/distributes the product You are not the manufacturer - that is the factory that produces the linen.

It sounds like you want to go to a lot of effort and spend lots of time setting this up. Why would you do this unless there is a profit in it for you?

I bet you won’t find cost savings unless you buy in bulk and then you need to add shipping, packaging, import tax, your mark up etc.

Why do you feel you could do this cheaper say than Tesco, Ikea or places like Costco?

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we are actually running one.

Would you be able to pm ? Sorry I can’t seem to find how to send you a message direclty.

i already have a connection with a factory that makes linen and bedding.

i already have a drop shipping business that i can incorporate this into without adding any additional overheads.

i can find cost savings because i can buy at cost and then sell them for a markup to cover the import fee’s, transport and shipping and misc costs.

now you see why i can sell it for cheaper then ikea, costco etc.

i really appreciate all the tough questions and suggestions. i really dont want to get into this if it does not serve a purpose

I would look into your systems, do you allow guests to strip the beds? I ask the guests not to strip beds and then when I strip the bed I lint roller it to remove hairs (thanks @KKC) then I spray any spots. Also I rarely use the dryer, when hanging out to dry I have caught some stains and re treat and re wash. Since moving to 100% cotton sheets https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XS1P6NG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I have had not had any issues with stains. When I used microfiber sheets I threw out some that I could not get lube stains out of, but they were cheap so I did not care.


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