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Standard month to month lease violation outside of Airbnb

I don’t brag, I promote :wine_glass:


And I’m sure you’re enjoying it.


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Pretty much the only thing I’ve enjoyed around here lately :wink:

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What is it, as in which sherry are you imbibing?



I had to go look at the bottle (I live with a booze-chef ,). It’s a “Don Gonzalo vos Jerez” It’s tasty! Do you know it? Is it “good”?

Hubby adds, “valdespino”? I don’t know. My job is to drink it.

If it’s this’un, then in a word, yes, it is good. In fact, it’s more than “good”, it is sublime.

Valdespino are one of the oldest names in the Sherry business, from around the thirteenth century I believe. They had a bodega very close to us, maybe 75m or so, but that closed down in 1999 when the family allegedly lost interest in the sherry trade and sold the bodega, and the brands, to a another company.

A half bottle is €29.90 in the supermarket here, so god know how much you’d have paid in the US.


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I wish I could find it here. I keep nudging our local distributor, who says stores have to be willing to stock it.

You have bodegas a few steps from the house?

Our building is in the heart of the old sherry district.

Unfortunately many of the original bodegas are long gone, mainly been swallowed up by larger operators who then rationalise and shift production to facilities outside the district.

We still have Lustau on our doorstep, one of the larger houses and within a few minutes walk another four or five active bodegas. Not all have tours as such, but all of them are happy to show you round and let you sample their wines.

I’m actually off to one this week, Dias Baco, as my friend S recently tried their Oloroso Viejo and reckoned it was on a par with the my favourite (affordable) Oloroso, Rio Viejo from Lustau.

Don Gonzalo isn’t stocked by many places here either, it’s too expensive for Jose Publico, and me!


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I’ve never understood why people here (In Florida anyway) say ‘warantee’ when they mean ‘warranty’. Maybe they mix up ‘warranty’ and ‘guarantee’? I would have thought a warrantee was someone who was served with a warrant.

I recently read that ‘irregardless’ is now accepted as a word because of frequent usage. :roll_eyes:

And don’t get me started with ‘I could care less’…


How about “warshing machine?”

I was sitting with my friend and her husband in her backyard when her neighbor, who’s a really nice, fun gal, but small-town and not well-educated, came over to join us. She was telling us some story and used the word “suppossibly”. We all sort of did a little double take and she was “What?” My friend said, “That’s just a really great word you came up with Jackie, sort of a cross between supposedly and possibly, or probably.” She was quite surprised to find out it’s not actually a word, as she’d been saying it all her life.


People who don’t read much often speak words that aren’t standard. My problem is that I read far more than I watch TV or listen to radio (like public radio, not music radio). So I don’t know how words are pronounced. Luckily I can check on google now, before I embarrass myself.


The tenants finally moved 8 days into October. I had a lawyer send them a letter threatening a quick eviction due to violating the lease. They were worried about having an eviction on their credit (Do evictions show up on credit reports?) They originally said they would move the first weekend in October but kept coming up with excuses so I really thought they were going to drag it out at least to the end of October. What made me the maddest was they put a 3-inch hole in an antique armoire. They also ruined 4 interior doors. Dog hair was everywhere as well as cigarette burns in furniture. Candle wax dripped all over a shelf and onto the floor. It came up a lot easier than I thought. They left a nice vanity cabinet with a chair that I sold for $90 and they came by a month later asking where it was and wanting compensation for me not keeping it. I told them they were lucky I wasn’t taking them to court for the damages and they shut up fast and left. They were paid up through September and I kept their $500 deposit so I had a little compensation but not enough to cover everything I had to do to get it ready for the next guests.

I had a 4-day guest and a 5-week guest since then. The 5-week guest is leaving next week and I don’t currently have another reservation until end of December. Hopefully the military base nearby will start allowing visitors again soon when the vaccine is approved and distributed.

Thanks again for all the input and information


Stop spamming the forum with the same question.


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Sure. Glad to help. $50 / Hour with a 4 hour min. Paid in advance (Venmo / Paypal / Wire Transfer, etc).

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