Special Offers and Alternates

Hi all
I’m now 12 bookings into my Air BnB experience. So far so good - apart from a burglary (not a guest) a week before the cameras got installed!! Que sera.

On a few occasions I have pondered letting a guest stay in the alternate property and am not sure how to manage it. For example I have a couple from USA arriving soon - he appears to be very tall and I suspect would appreciate staying in the King Bed instead of the Queen. I have a studio with a Queen, and a full house that sleeps 7 that has King Beds in 2 of the 4 bedrooms. The house is more expensive of course and I wondered how I would go about letting him stay in the house instead of the studio but only pay the studio rates. - and of course would want him to review the house.

I’ve had requests to approve and decline and I see the Special Offer button but haven’t explored. Also this booking is already made and underway.

Do I just Block the house date and get a review for the studio and not the house?

Probably just leave it as it is and they have booked knowing it is a Queen.

Does anyone swap bookings around?


My vote is the second option: just leave it as it is [because] they have booked knowing it is a Queen.

Probably will as it’s not his request - I just checked him out on Facebook before Accepting booking and thought 'Crikey! he’s a tall 'un

I had a similar situation and just managed it outside of airbnb. I assume you want to keep the vacant unit available until he checks in? In my case I just replied to the review to note that it was for an alternate listing.

Oh yes - good idea. And yes - want to keep it open just in case another booking.