Special Offer not authorized, who is responsible?

I am a new host on airbnb. The first reservation went fine, it was for the 30 day discount for July. I confirmed it.
Then someone made another reservation for this month, for 30 days, and it was automatically confirmed. It also included another 217 euro special offer on top of the 50% monthly discount.

I wrote to airbnb support last week and they said it was a glitch and someone would get back to me. But in their calculation of my pay, they are still deducting the 217 euro.

Now no one replies to my messages. I know with guests they are very responsive but is this how they treat hosts?


I always call them. I’ve found they only answer messages according to their performance indicators and ability to answer. The help you receive also depends on where you are calling from, and what time of day it is. For example, if I call from the UK early afternoon, I get through to the Dublin call centre who have always been helpful and responsive. I’ve called later in the evening, about 7 pm, and got through to a Lisbon call centre, also very helpful. On the rare occasion I’ve called in the morning, it sounds like somewhere in Eastern Europe and been less than helpful.

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