Special Offer for ALL New Reservations

Airbnb sometimes says I can increase bookings by authorizing a 5% or 10% off special offer for all guests who book within a certain window of dates.

Can I create such an offer, without a suggestion by Airbnb? I don’t want to just change prices. I want it to look like a special offer when I choose to do that.

Or let’s say that Airbnb suggests creating a 10% off offer for certain dates. Could I accept that but change it to a 5% or or 15% off offer?

You can create whatever discount you want, for whatever dates you want - just adjust your prices and reference it in your headline.

I don’t believe that you can change the Airbnb generated offers.

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What do you mean by referencing it in our headline?

Your title … @RebeccaF

Do you mean what our room listing is called? Oh. We’re all out of characters to use there.

Lordy Rebecca just edit the title then :slight_smile: or put it upfront in the body copy.

I think most of us eventually find that offering special deals – discounts among other things don’t gain you anything in terms of return bookings, increased business, etc. They just cause more problems and cost you more money than leaving well-enough alone…


Thanks for your response, KenH. We have actually gotten a regular or two because of special offers in the past.

I have seen listings where the first line of their listing said something like “special offer for xx dates.”
And though I’m not a fan I’ve seen listings that said something like “make us an offer.” So if you want to bargain with your guests or offer discounts just say that you do so prominently in your listing.

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Thanks for responding.

Putting it in the title is the best way to get attention. If you wait until the listing description, you are only attracting people that might have booked anyway.

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