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Is there a percentage increase that is appropriate to raise nightly rates for special events? We’re at ground zero for the 2024 solar eclipse and it would rent high, but I feel bad going too high. Is there protocol? TIA

Multiple choice:

  1. Airbnb does not permit events and the 2024 total solar eclipse has accordingly been cancelled. {Didn’t you get the memo?]

  2. Price is primarily determined by latitude and longitude assuming your location is in the path of totality ("Experience Totality at . . . ). Higher latitudes charge more due to historical oppression of the Northern Hemisphere countries over the Global South, while more eastern longitudes may charge less due to historical oppression over Eastern countries. It’s unfair but it is what it is. Time of day comes into play in complicated ways. There’s an app for this.

  3. In 2017 Airbnbs, hotels, parks, campsites, cruises all cashed in: Ridiculous solar eclipse lodging costs will make you want to watch it online | Mashable

  4. It depends on what your location offers and your competition (which will include hotels, parks and camping sites all along the path of totality, which is over 120 miles wide). Is it on the path of totality?Unobstructed view of sky? Time total darkness? Predicted cloud cover (better to be south than north);

This Airbnb Host in 2017 got 10X the usual price.

Short answer: You can probably charge ASTRONOMICALLY MORE!


There’s a bunch of ground zeros. In terms of actually seeing it some locations are much better than others. Since I’m in TX (but not in the path) I’d think people just traveling to see it might choose to come to TX. The closest major cities are Dallas and Austin. Will they have more pricing power than Buffalo and Cleveland? Or will Buffalo and Cleveland benefit from greater population density in the region?

I’ve kind of hoped maybe I could get a booking from someone driving to or from the west coast to TX to see it. But nothing that would lead to a greatly increased price.

I see what you’re doing here.


Why would you feel bad?
Travelling to see an eclipse is not one of the necessities of life… it is a first-world luxury. Raising your rate because the market allows you to do so is not forcing anyone to (for example) choose between between insulin or groceries.

My advice (since you’re asking): Go for it!


I believe we are THE ground zero. Texas Hill Country.

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I agree. And if you are in one of those already tourist charged areas around Kerrville/Fredricksburg, congratulations. Since it will probably be the last one I get to see, I may go down there myself and stay with friends currently in Wimberley if they are still there by then.

Check your market and see what other hosts are doing. You can always lower it if you remain unbooked at what seems like an uncomfortably close time. Don’t be surprised if people book and cancel more than once as plans change.

If you are in the area of both of the upcoming eclipses you might look into investing a little more into the experience like have the eclipse glasses on hand and a book about eclipses for the coffee table, a special cocktail recipe or other marketing. I’d play it up like my property was in magic cosmic zone if you’d like to attract the kind of folks who believe in that stuff.


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Great advice, thanks!

The 23 annular eclipse will be during Austin City Limits music festival, that’s pretty cool.

I’d put a picture like those found here in my photos on Airbnb:

If you use their maps that ask that you credit them so don’t use it without doing so. Overall I like this site the best for a one stop shop on eclipse info and links.

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I may still have eclipse glasses from the last one and we were right in the sweet spot. Note, the closer it got it was hard to find them to purchase online…just FYI. I didn’t charge extra only because someone booked it before I realized what was going on…there are people who actively hunt for THAT spot…so if you are thinking of raising your rates, don’t delay or let the old rate go live before you decide.


In the last two weeks I’ve booked a couple of Airbnbs in cities with a concert I’m going to. In one case I booked the morning the show was announced and I think the host may have been unaware. It seemed like a great price to me. But I wasn’t looking for THAT host, just the best combo of price and location.

It is a little different because the date of the eclipse is known and so it’s not hard to know which days to raise the price.

I’m considering adding a third day to my stay The host has nearly doubled the rate I paid (and the rate for the other weekends) for the Thursday adjacent to my stay. So now I don’t know what I’ll do. I wish she just raised all her weekends a bit instead of trying to make up for her too low pricing out of my pocketbook.

I see the eclipse will be at 95% where I am in Mexico. 100% just a couple hours north of me.

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