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Speaking of prices, "what price gets bookings?" tool


This is my first time seeing this under Pricing on my dashboard. On the right side there is box labeled
"What price gets bookings?" with a green “Compare Prices” button. Clicking that gets me a “Nearby Places That Have Booked” screen.

This is fascinating because it gives me actual examples of the places Air is comparing to mine when they give me their bogus price lowering bits on the calendar page. In looking at these 10 listings I see glaring differences with my place: one is in Mexico and should not be compared with any listing in the US. Two only allow 1 guest, I allow 2. They are not clickable links so I can’t easily compare other amenities or features like private entrance or off street driveway parking.

Now I click on compare prices and this is my screen; here comes the good part

So, my listing price is higher but I’m doing 2000% better. OMG, LOLOLOL. I’m doing well but if I’d like to be booked 100% of the time instead of 91% of the time I can try lowering my price. I know we didn’t need proof that price is all Airbnb cares about but it’s still gobsmacking to see it right there on the price lowering tool. And next month that is now 42% booked will be 90% booked before the month is over. Although I might just raise my price.

Some of you may have seen this tool before but if not take a look at yours, it’s probably good for a laugh.


I posted this same screen shot last year. Cracked me up then, and now.


I either didn’t see it or forgot about it. If I remembered it I wouldn’t have experimented with lowering my prices last fall. Never again.


I’ve seen the same stupid advice. 85% occupied for the next 90 days at $450+ per night. But being compared to a $100 a night place that’s 50% booked. “If you’d only drop your price, you would be…” I’d be what? Less booked and far less revenue? No thanks!

I don’t know why they can’t write the programs to avoid showing us stupid stuff like that. Although it must be like the scammers - someone is following their advice or they wouldn’t keep giving it.


How do you navigate to this? I have never seen comps / booked ect…


I described it in the OP. That’s on the website. I don’t know how to get to it on the app.


I wonder if it is market specific, i don’t have the box you reference on the pricing page.


Hmmm. I’m in the US. In El Paso TX. Private room, SH. I’d guess it hadn’t rolled out to you yet but stucker said she saw it months ago?


I tried to find it to but couldn’t either


I went just now and tried following the steps I outlined above and I can’t find it either. If I hadn’t saved the screen shots I would think I’m losing my mind. I did raise my price (a whole dollar) today so maybe the took my toy away. LOL.


I just found it. From my Calendar I selected Pricing Settngs, which led me to the Pricing page where I found the Compare thing on the right side.

As you can see, I charge $28 per night more, and have 2% less occupancy. I can take that…


So strange. My tool is definitely disappeared.

And look at their math. 80 minus 78 is 3? :roll_eyes:


And $99-$72 is $28…


I can’t find one for me, either, I think they put it there occasionally to nudge us.


The pricing tips are not logical at all.
Both my rooms are 100% booked for the next three months and I am receiving the same booking tips.
"So and so just booked at room at x% lower than yours - drop your price to increase your bookings.
I am fully booked at my current prices so they are obviously working.


My usual mental response to seeing that email is “you know what you can do”


Thanks for the heads up Karma. But I can’t find it. I’m looking for anything that says “Pricing” on my Dashboard. Got me really excited to see who was offering a 2 bedroom sea side apartment for $60/night in my area! I might move out and stay there and rent out my own place for $120/night instead.


Sorry should have Read The Thread first.


thanks but still cant find it on mine. More A/B testing.


Not excusing their formatting but they are probably doing the math then doing the rounding so: 80.4 (80) - 77.7 (78)= 2.7(3) whereas 80-78=2. As someone who has written literally millions of Excel spreadsheets you get this comment when people say “but the percentages don’t add up to 100!”.

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