Souvenirs on the side

On a meander the other week, passed by a market shop where they sell tourist friendly souvenirs at wholesale prices.
There are plenty trading shops near my place, but couldn’t believe the prices at the wholesaler, looks like the typical retail mark up is a chunky 200-300 per cent.
There is a minimum order level so I bought some stock to decorate a little cabinet I have in my abb rental room to delight guests and set the scene, of course now I have thoughts about offering a supply service to guests while making some retail on the goods myself.

Not keen on putting price tags in the cabinet, probably I’ll make up a little list and add to my guidebook.
Anyway, would be keen to hear any ideas (discrete but effective ideas) from any hosts that try to sell to guests without being seen as too grabby. I don’t want to bombard tired guests with an extra irritating sales pitch spiel on arrival too, so wondering the best way to introduce the idea.

Drawbacks are that there is a modest minimum order and it’s probably an hours trip during office hours to get the goods, less of an issue for me in summer. It’s a win-win situation though when I saw the eye watering margins.

This has been discussed on here a few times before.

I have been to Airbnb’s where hosts sell their own artwork or jewellery.

They leave it on display with a price list and honesty box.

As we know most guests don’t read the guest book. So not sure how helpful it will be to have it in there.

FWIW – 200-300 percent markup is common, not “eye watering”… A display, a price list and either an honesty box or a notation to contact you is most appropriate and not pushy at all.

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well, my old pet shop often had a mark up of nearer 40%, so I agree with the eye-waterer.

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