Soon to be new host question

Hi. Can I set up my listing but not publish until I am ready. At this stage it could be a couple of months with the current covid restrictions. In the meantime I thought I could set it all up and then just hit the ‘button’ when we can start having guests.

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You can still publish it and just block the calendar for the next few months so at least you can start getting bookings for next year. I’m at the Jersey shore and I have had guests book almost a year ahead.

Just don’t finish the last bit – I’ve had my second home set up on Airbnb almost a year but haven’t hit the “publish” button to finalize.

Lots of things you need to finalise when you publish, and dont forget the new host bump to the top of the listings

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Thank you and everyone else.
Yes I am aware of the new host bump. Thats why I thought I could work on it so it is ready to go when the time is right.

Thanks. Is the last bit ‘publish’ or the step prior to that

Agreed - do not publish until you are 100% ready to host. The new host listings bump is a big deal

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And double double double check everything- after you publish is when you finalise many settings and there are vultures out there who watch for new hosts and try to take advantage

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If you want critique and comments on your listing be sure to let us know when you make it visible even if you’re not open for booking. It always helps to have someone not connected to your listing or you give you an unvarnished opinion, which you will get from this group! We can help save you from some common beginner errors. There are a lot of resources here, and examples of stuff like house rules and writing a neighborhood guide for your guests.


I can’t even recall – I’ve got two listings and the one has a blue “Publish” button next to it.

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Thank you, just seeing that screen shot helps

LOL, at least you have the sense to ask!! I played around on AirBnb, tried a listing, uploaded photos, wrote a few words, a bit about myself, just generally finding my way round the site and getting myself familiar with it before I was fully ready. I don’t quite know what I did thereafter, my guess is I saved it, and forgot about it. And then about three days later got a booking via Instant Book! I went into complete panic mode, realised there was no way I could be as ready as I liked … and 'fessed up to our potential guests, and offered them a discount. Anyway, that was two years ago, they gave me the most wonderful 5 star review, and have been back three times since! Good luck with your venture, hope you have as much fun as we are having … love our guests, we now have invitations to visit people all over the world and are still in contact with practically all of them.