Sometimes you luck out

Our hot water heater blew some kind of valve releasing steam that triggered the smoke detector and our deafening vocal alarm just before 10 pm. Town sent two fire trucks, random firefighters in and out, hubby and LTR tenant awakened. THANKFULLY my Airbnb guest works nights! She missed the whole thing. Slight inconvenience until hot water tank is repaired. Was able to warn her to shower at work (works at hospital) before she comes back to sleep all day. Could have been a lot more disruptive! It was my husband’s birthday. He didn’t believe our claim that the trucks were coming as a birthday surprise.


Ha ha! What some people will do to avoid giving their husband a real birthday gift! Was it really so much less expensive to pull off that valve trick and now the ‘repair’ [wink, wink]? You are clever, I’ll give you that!

I’m glad that all is safe, that you, your husband and other tenant had a little small-town excitement. [Just kidding on that ‘small town’ crack.]

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It was small town excitement. Interesting how few neighbors came out to see if we needed anything. It was a relatively warm night. Hopefully if it had been colder we might have had some offers of a warm place to wait other than our cars.


I assume that “valve” is the pressure relief valve which is a safety device to prevent a catastrophe from occurring when the thermostat fails and steam pressure builds up beyond the limits of the tank. Check out what can happen if the thermostat fails, the pressure relief valve fails, and the pressure has nowhere else to go:

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I know my old boss had his furnace blow right though his living room floor. As it turns out, the fire dept was a little off on their diagnosis and the bottom had rusted through. Need a whole new rig.