Someone booked my studio with 5 infants

This airbnb policy is crazy about not counting infants as people. I have a occupanc limit fo 4 for the studio so that I can host a family with little kids.

Some people just take it too far… look at this lady. She wants to cram in 9 people (yes, infants are people), in a studio for 4.

update: requested Airbnb to cancel it and they did that penalty free. But the whole process took many messages over a couple of days.

I have it in my house rule that all bodies count due to my permit and insurance- I would be requesting this booking be cancelled


I bet the infants are toddlers. It’s nuts to squeeze so many people into a studio. I guess they’re making the kids sleep on the floor. This should be on the reality show "Extreme Cheapskates; Family of 9 squeezes into studio, saves hundreds on hotel stay. " I would click on the decline button a hundred times. LOL


4 adults in a studio seems cramped. Have you had success in keeping partiers out? Where do 4 guests sleep in a single room?

Even if your place allowed that many bodies, 5 kids under the age of 2, and 2 older than that? What are these people, rabbits?

Even if it’s 2 moms with 7 kids between them, as opposed to a couple, there’s no way they can properly supervise that many kids in an unfamiliar place and not have something wrecked.


I requested Airbnb to cancel it and they did that penalty free. But the whole process took many messages over a couple of days

not many issues with partiers as the building has a security guard. Walls are shared with other apartments, so it’s not really a party magnet like a large stand alone house with distant neighbors

There are two queen beds and yes, there have been many two couples. As poeple mostly come to spend time in the sun and water, most don’t have any issues with the limited space. The bigger problem is the remote work types. They find all sorts of problems because they are in the studio frustrated that they have to work while their travel companions are having fun.

Although she didn’t disclose, I think it’s seems like of unlikely for one mother to have 2 children and 5 infants at any time. Maybe a set of twin, then a triplet next year → that gets to five.

Most likely she just made up ages of the kids/infants. Maybe counting some of the adults as infants (while behaviorally it is possible, physical age wise it is inaccurate).

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Most seemingly “age underestimation”, does not really seem to be possible.

This is a major flaw in Airbnb’s age categories. There’s a huge difference between an actual infant, like a 3 month old who can’t even sit up yet, let alone wreak any kind of havoc, or require outlet covers, etc., and a rambunctious 2 year old.

Just because guests aren’t supposed to pay for 2 and unders, doesn’t mean Airbnb couldn’t divide that into 2 groups- not yet mobile on their own and crawling stage and up to 2.

That might even make more places open to accepting true infants, as opposed to having to say “not suitable for infants”. Any host who has experience with babies and toddlers knows a 3 month old isn’t going to cause any damage or get hurt on anything, or fall down the stairs, whereas a 2 year old can.