Somebody told me they want to bring five people to an apartment that only sleeps four should I charge more?

My guests left all the toiletries (all single use tubes) and toilet paper. Somebody with whom I shared the story said I would hold off sending their iPAD back until I saw a 5* review but that seemed a bit excessive :slight_smile:

Why do you leave all that stuff accessible to 2 night guests? They either think everything consumable found is like a hotel, (but hotels certainly don’t leave an overabundance of stuff for guests to take away with them) or they’re just incredibly entitled cheapskates.

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2 nighters are my bread and butter. I am generous with all of that, and most guests hardly use anything. About once a year I get a low end cheapskate who takes it all. It is fine, I really do not care after I cuss and yell when I discover it. The funny thing is they were here two days and did not shower which I find gross. Why do non showering peeps need to steal shampoo?

This was a first that cleaned out the paper goods as well as everything in the bathroom.



Edited to add, my xmas rates were 50% higher, plus they paid a pet fee, maybe that played into their decision to clean me out! I still am ahead by far.

Well, glad to hear it wasn’t a financial burden. I just wonder why you leave guests access to far more than they could ever use during the stay.

What kind of reviews have they left their prior hosts?

If someone took my bottles of shampoo (which are not single use) I wouldn’t hesitate to message them and say “someone in your party accidentally packed up my shower toiletries. I’m sending a request for $15 to pay for replacements.” Of course that’s because of my price point and being whole bottles. If I could get an extra $150 a night and someone took 10% of that in supplies, I wouldn’t care either. I would note it in the review though.

To be generous, knowing that most guests barely use anything I get brownie points for leaving more than they can use.


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I did not notice all the missing stuff until after I reviewed, I did a quick walk through and started laundry then noticed they cleaned me out the next day when I was cleaning. So they got 5 stars, ima baaaad host.


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Since I use single serve tubes of body wash, body moisturizer and shampoo, I’m never entirely sure how many to leave for the guest. Should I leave one per person per day? I know when I stay in a hotel that provides a single portion bathroom stuff I will probably use one tube twice.

That’s why I leave extra, but I put them in the medicine cabinet not on the counter. Less gets used that way

We’ve all done it, especially when cranking out the back to back stays.

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Maybe none? After you use these up, be kind to the planet and stop using these single use plastic-intensive items?