Some jerk drives onto my circular driveway and parks on the lawn!

So I 'm expecting someone to come check out my room and he calls me and says he’s hear. I open the front door and see him parked on my damn lawn! We have a circular drive and he pulled in and drove off the circular drive and park on my lawn in the rain! I was so pissed off I’m shouting at him, “why are you parked on my lawn?” The doofus doesn’t respond and I shout at him to, “get off the lawn and park in the circular driveway!” He drives like sh@t and further f*cks up my lawn as he drives off the lawn taking odd twists and turns which further infuriates me. I ask him ,“what makes him think that it is alright to park on anyone’s lawn?!” He doesn’t respond and looks like he doesn’t understand me. He’s an Ivy League Phd student looking to stay for a 3 month summer internship. He didn’t apologise, but his girlfriend did after 5 minutes of me stomping the lawn in the rain to even it out again.

I reluctantly show him the room which he likes but I have reservations as he is an awful driver and bad communicator, In fact, I offered to back up his car as I feared he would nail my arborvitaes backing out. In fact, I kind of demanded his keys. I told him I had to think about it because he is a horrible driver and doesn’t communicate well. WTF is wrong with some people?


One of the many reasons I don’t accept pre visits to my property. Everything they need to know is on my listing.

As they say in the condom ads…‘Just say no’ :slight_smile:

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By the sounds of things you totally dodged a bullet with this guest!

No, sounds like the guest got to stay, and this portends a bad guest IMHO. This is not a good way to start a stay.

I’m with everyone else Just say no! Three months of this? No way! What else does he not know?

Funny that you mention he’s an Ivy League phd student. Some of the most intelligent people I know how no common sense whatsoever!


A normal person would acknowledge what you’re saying, apologize right away and try to make it right. Mistakes happen, but his inability to address the issue is a huge red flag.

I wouldn’t want him in my home for 3 months. You’ll be kicking yourself!

Yeah, his lack of response and being unapologetic really irked me. And his backing the car back onto the circular drive was so convoluted it was disturbing. That’s why I wouldn’t let him back up when he left. I was afraid he would drive around my car and cut the lawn again as he had no skills backing up. Yeah, couldn’t let this guy stay as he would drive me up the wall!

Just. Say. No.
No pre-visits.
No 90 days stays.
No more than 30 day stays, preferably no more than 2 weeks so that if you don’t ‘mesh’ you’re clear of each other sooner.

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It isn’t clear… you kicked him out…cancelled his reservation?

@konacoconutz. I think that this was a Lookie-Loo.


Yep, that’s the problem right there! Ivy League PhD! They can be super smart in their area and totally clueless about everything else.