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Software for Airbnb hosts


Hi Everyone,

My partner and I manage 6 Airbnb properties and expect to add to that soon. To make life a little easier, I am looking into automation software, Now I did find the thread were a number of software sites showed their cases, but besides merging multiple listings on one platform, streamlining guest communication and automation communication with people like cleaners, I am also looking at data; Being a data geek, I am looking for software that ALSO informs me on earnings per unit, total, monthly, yearly (any way I want it) and booking density (days that a listing has been booked, days it hasn’t). And that can also harvest emails of all the people that booked with us for an emaillist, so I ca target them with emails, special offers, etc.
I also run ecommerce businesses and much of the software available for that, is geared to getting as much data to utilise in our marketing campaign.

I am also interested in a lay out of where my guests are from, so I can target those ares better.

Repricing is also of great interest; any software that can compare prices of my listings with my competitors on a very detailed level, not just price, but also month to month, weekends, location, number of beds, amenities, etc.

I m sure this is much to ask but I have not come across any software like this, although I did see the sites that do communication and integrate multiple listings in one platform.

Can anyone direct me to software that does (part of) the above>

Thanks in advance,



Airdna offers much of what you seek. It is cost prohibitive for me. They offer a price break if a large number of properties are included. I’ve forgotten the threshold.


Thanks Annet!

It looks like they can deliver (some of) the data that I am looking for, although it comes in large excel files that I have to reconfigure to make it work for me. But definitely something to delve into.

Thanks again!


You should be aware that the emails are specially generated by Airbnb for their use. If you want the guest’s personal email you have to ask them for it.


Hi K9,

Very good point. I know that there is software out there (which I am not using) that use, in this case, the amazon emailaddresses and as it is integrated, use that platform to sent out emails for campaigns.

I do agree that asking is the better way. It is just more work for me or my VA… :wink:

Thanks for your input


I haven’t used any of the following software, but some of them may help you (don’t know of something that combines all the features you want):
SmartBNB - automated e-mail messages
Properly - For cleaners and syncs with AirBNB calendar
AirGMS - for all kinds of syncing with AirBNB if you have a lot of rentals you’re managing
I also have looked at AirDNA which may do some of what you want.


we’ve just started using rentl.io - seems to be quite good and offers all you want. Not sure if it’s cost effective for 6 properties, and set up has been a bit tedious (in saying that, they are super helpful!)


Hi Shoutaloud,

Thank you for these pointers. Certainly some interesting there!




Hi Salena,

Very interesting. I will contact them to see what is possible with them. Might be a bit pricy but if I manage to automate most of what I want, it might be worth trying this.

Thank you,



Hi @Stevin,

I built superhosttools.com and although it doesn’t have any of the data features you’re asking for I have been thinking of adding something like that to the dashboard. I’ve been trying to figure out what information would be the most helpful for users. Would you mind adding to my list with what you would want to see added?

  • Percentage of availability aka. health of listings (Booked Nights / Available Nights) for next X days
  • Average nightly rate for past X days (Total Income / Days in the Past X Days)
  • Average nightly weekend rate for past X days (Total Weekend Income / Weekend Days in the Past X Days)
  • Average nightly weekday rate for past X days (Total Weekday Income / Weekdays in the Past X Days)
  • Review rate (Number of Reviews / Number of Completed Bookings)
  • List of users that haven’t left you a review
  • Look for new features and let users know when there are new feature on Airbnb.com
  • List any arrivals or departures

I was also thinking of making this data exportable to a CSV file for those who really want to crunch some numbers.

What else am I missing?


I would recommend to try our guest management solution, the Nold Cloud.
You can share or revoke virtual keys, set time limited access and track the guests’ usage.
More info:


Hi Wootwoot,

I am sorry for the very deleayed reaction; I have been more than busy the last two weeks. Thank you for superhosttools. I will check the site shortly.

A quick scan of the above, possible future features; all of those cumulatively and per listing.

I also would like to know how we are doing as opposed to our nearby competitors; so if we have a 1 bedroom, 4 persons apartment, with X,Y,Z amenities (like parking, use of bikes, own bathroom, etc,) how are similar apartments in an x-mile radius doing, price-wise, review-wise, density-wise (nights booked).

Also extended earning reports, cumulatively and per listing or group of listings, which specifies income and cost per (group of) listing(s), that in can easily download to my bookkeeper or bookkeeping software, or can turn into a PDF for the owners that I work for. This on a monthly and yearly basis. If possible with the possibility to add things like taxes and other fees.

Always looking to integrate communication with guests, cleaners and maintenance people. Cleaners being way more easy that maintenance, of course.

That is as a manager As an investor I like to know what areas have high booking density/pricing, so I can look into finding properties in those particular areas. But that would require the possibility in the software to enter a series of variables (area, min. density %, average nightly price) that would then result in a few areas that I would research further.

Please know that this is just me fantasizing about the perfect piece of software.


These ideas are great, thanks!

This is something I’ve thought about and I’m really interested in. I need to start putting some code together to test some ideas. I’m mostly interested in seeing what the min/max/average price and availability for a given day of my competitors to help me set my price. I haven’t tested it yet but I’m worried that a search will return a bunch of listings that aren’t really competitors or not enough results. I have a feeling I’d have to add a way to flag listings that you don’t want in your data.

I like this idea but at this point isn’t something I have plans to add because I need to draw the line somewhere and I feel like reports are best done using accounting software (atleast at this point).

Superhost Tools already allows you to email/sms cleaners (or anyone really) based on events such as checkin, checkout, bookings, etc.

This is similar to your first idea and could be added down the road but really not what Superhost Tools was built to do because it’s not a feature that would help with management and again I need to draw the line somewhere. :slight_smile:

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