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Social media - top tips? - here goes


decided to roll up my sleeves and try getting my listing on social media - any top tips? does it really help with rankings? has anyone seen a real difference? looking at old posts seems a bit wishy washy.


Why have you decided to promote your listing though social media.

  1. You need to use the social media channels your target market uses
  2. It will only work as part of a wider marketing strategy and if you have enough followers who either influence or are part of your target audience
  3. You need to have a content plan delivering quality content that will be of interest to your target market.
  4. Paid advertising on social media can work if you tailor it to your target market and provide them with offers, competitions or other content people will want to share/engage in.


I have not used social media for my Airbnb but I have used it in the past with my previous career. In my opinion, it required too much time for too little return.


I use social media for various purposes including Airbnb. Does it make a difference? Spectacularly so. On the occasions that I’ve had a cancellation, or had gaps in bookings, I’ve always been able to fill them by writing one article about one aspect of our rental/s or area (ten minutes) and then publicised it on social media (five minutes) and that quarter of an hour or so fills in gaps by bringing in good bookings.

As @Helsi says, your social media marketing needs to be a part of an organised campaign. You need to have established accounts with targetted followers. You also need something to promote - it’s no good just shoving your listing out there. It’s not something that you can ‘learn’ to do from a Dummies’ book or an internet article or two.

If you’ve got the tools, the accounts, the followers, the websites then yes, it’s highly worth it. If you’re starting from scratch, then I doubt it will be.

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