So uncomfortable

Just had a last min 2 night guest. All excellent reviews. I had let him know that I was unavailable and to follow checkin instructions and gave him his key code. He mustve tried my front door because he messaged asking how to get in. I gave explicit instructions. He then tried walking into my side door on opposite side of the house while my family were all in bed. My dogs chased him out the door and out of our yard. I went out and gathered my dogs and physically directed him to where he should be. I havent heard from him since. Today he was supposed to leave. I messaged at 1115am to remind him checkout was at 11. He messaged me back at 1145am if itd be okay to stay in the guest yard to work on emails. I didnt get that notification but while I was cleaning my own house I noticed him watching me through the windows… in more than one room. He finally just left and messaged to compliment my cookies. I am so beyond creeped out now. I need to breathe and come up with ideas for reviewing him. Naaah! Creeper be gone!!!

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ewwwww, in fact, 20 ewwwwws.



2* communication (wouldn’t follow directions to use keypad)
2* for House Rules (overstayed and then was a peeping tom)
would not recommend

I wouldn’t want him staying here.

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I agree. I wouldnt have him back. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in my own home. I live in the kind of neighborhood that doors are rarely locked. I usually lock the front door at night but leave my side door open for my dogs. All doors were locked at all times while he was here. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt that he was exhausted and not aware on arrival. Fine. But departure was creepo. Luckily everything was pretty tidy in our suite when I checked it.


Good doggies!!! Love that they chased him out. Give them a treat, and yourself, and rate the guest thumbs down!


2 stars? No way! ONE star and report the intrusions to ABB! That guy is definitely a creeper! Review honestly and completely. Nobody should have guests like this!

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Yikes! This is terrible…

You are quite right. Negative 5 if that were possible. Ugh.