So is this a tricky thing potentials guests are doing or what?

So last night was the third time now this has happened and I suspect a trend. I have my listing as child UN-friendly clicked and also somewhat seriously discourage kids in the listing description thing and the house rules, etc.

This time I figured something out. I have had now, THREE inquiries (I am on IB) from different people asking about the mattresses and such as “their wife has a bad back”. I noticed this time that like the other two, the guests included children. So the system would not let them IB and my thinking is that they thought that I would answer this question and Pre-approve them not noticing the kids.

The thing is the sameness of the requests. I am thinking there is some website or source advising people how to get around house rules and such. Has anyone heard anything like this?

I’m pretty sure that there might be something out there on a blog but it’s probably someone’s personal blog rather than an organised website. Or it could be something that someone has posted on a forum or a Reddit sub.

I’d be interested to know what the time gap between these enquiries was? If they were all within a few hours then it’s weird. But not necessarily if they were a few days apart.

I often get guests enquiring who seem to fly in the face of the type of guest I want to host, too, and have often wondered the same as you. With big data mining available, who knows what’s going on anymore.

How does IB allow you to block children – I thought IB allows practically anyone to book?

I have no idea. I noticed I could request to book somewhere with 1 adult and 5 infants.

No. Families with children can not book via Instant Booking if the listing is not designated as family friendly.

Thank you for backing me on that as I have had people inquire after being bloked as ABB makes them ask.

The thing though is the repeated usage of the Mattress Question, as I have termed it. Always from people trying to book with kids. Why the same question three times?

To me that is the mystery.

::firmly tongue in cheek::

Have you been a mother? Really hard on the back! They are just plumb worn out.

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That is truly fantastic that IB allows listings to block children – makes IB much more appealing.

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Yes, this is why I have my place listed as “not suitable for infants 0-2”. I have no problem with children in most cases, but it’s a hassle for parents with young children who have to drag carseats, pack n plays, etc, plus the stairs are steep. I allow people with babies, I just want to make sure they know what they’re getting before they can book.

My guess would be the same family are all searching - or one person in the family is using multiple airbnb accounts to ask multiple listings the same exact questions, and got your listing each time.

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