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Snoozing account..Maybe for good

Hello all, I have been an ardent fan of this site, and while I only posted a few times, I have followed this site constantly. I began hosting in Dec 2017, and at the age of 83 I guess I was one of the oldest hosts, but soon learned a great deal from all you younger hosts that helped me immensely. Fortunately, I made super host right away and have maintained it with 5 stars all along. I have enjoyed all the guests, who have come from other countries and from right around the corner.
Unfortunately, due to my sweet husband’s current health, I have snoozed the listing. I really don’t want to take the final step of deactivating, but it may come to that.
Meanwhile, as I sit in the middle of the night, reading all the posts here, I feel such a connection to all the hosts out there who are making beds, scrubbing the bathroom and checking their listings, that I feel that even if I am not an active participant, I am part of a wonderful group of people who see the humor in lots of things that would make other people cringe, and who can give a “newbie” sage advice, as well as a mild scolding when needed.
So while I am “sitting it out” for perhaps a long while, I can follow all my favorite posters, and still feel that I am part of a fantastic group of people.
Wishing you all happy days and lots of great guests. Rita


@ritaP, I’m glad you’re here. And kudos for starting Airbnb two years ago.

I’m sure you have interesting viewpoints on topics that get discussed here and hope you’ll chime in whenever you have something you want to contribute.

Best wishes to you and to your husband.


What a nice post. I’m sending my best wishes for you and your husband. I hope I’ll still be at it when I’m near your age.

No need to be an active host to post, we are still here for you.


That’s a lovely message, Rita. I’m not a bit surprised that you’re a superhost with great reviews. It’s easy to tell from the way you write that you’re a lovely lady and a great host. I especially like what you said about us all having a connection - I’d never really thought about that before but it’s so true.

I hope that your husband’s health improves and that you’ll be back hosting again. We need hosts like you.

Thank you again for your lovely message.

All the very best to you both.



Sorry to hear about your husband’s health condition. Prayers and hugs.

thanks for your kind words.
You know, with the holidays coming up, I think about there being “no room at the inn” and how in our hosting world, there is always room.
Blessings to hosts everywhere.



What a lovely post. I have only just started with Airbnb and I know I could learn a lot from your experience. I hope you will stick around the forum and add your voice of wisdom here even if you do not continue to host.


Lovely to hear from you @ritaP and I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s health. A worrying time I am sure.

I think you have done the right thing to snooze your listing while you focus on your husband’s health. I hope everything works out for you both.

I am glad that this forum has proved useful and long may you remain part of it.



Hi Rita! I too have been hosting for a few years and had superhost status all along, but this year I had to block a lot of dates for my own health reasons - some because I knew I would be having treatment or recuperating on those dates, but also quite a lot just in case I wasn’t up to it. (In the event, I could have hosted a lot of the dates which I blocked, but I didn’t want to cancel and upset people’s plans). I just have one room on airbnb, in my home, so I couldn’t delegate my duties to anyone else. Of course airbnb have noticed that I haven’t hosted their minimum number of stays this year and have removed my superhost status. As a result I am unlikely to get many bookings now that the high season is over, and won’t be able to get my status back, if I ever do, until well into next year. I am feeling pretty hard-done-by! And out of pocket, because this year my region introduced new rates for holiday rentals (even if it is just one room in a family home!) and I haven’t made enough money even to cover that cost.
Heigh ho. All the best to you and your husband Rita, and thanks for starting this thread! I hope that by snoozing your listing you don’t lose your superhost status - it’s probably what I should have done.

Hi ! sorry that your health has been up and down. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I hesitated to snooze, but really can’t do it with my husband feeling so un-well. I don’t know if I will ever get back to hosting, but for now I am viewing it as temporary.

I also have one room and bath in my home for guests, and have loved hosting. The extra cash certainly helped as did the company.
When I started hosting, I decided that my style would be that of having “company” not just guests. I remembered that growing up when we were having company, we got out our best china ( the dishes with the least chips and dings) and the nicest table cloth we had. It was a special occasion. While hosting I applied that same idea. When I have women traveling alone, I have sheets that have embroidery on the top sheet and the pillow cases, a large white fluffy bath rug, and white towels with embellishments on the border. A few fresh flowers on the bed table. For men alone, more masculine striped sheets, a more generic bath mat, with soap and shampoo especially for men. Couples I use more generic white or cream colored sheets with a mixture of more big fluffy white towels every one enjoys. For breakfast, I set a place setting at the dining room table for each, again with good china and silver. Most people seem to enjoy being catered to a little, and the reviews have all been positive, with many guests pointing out the little extras. I think I enjoyed having them around as much as they enjoyed being here.

I didn’t realize that airb could take away super host status for lack of business. something else to look forward to. LOL we are starting our busy season here.

I hope you have loving people around you as you go through your treatments and that you will be back to your old self . I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Do all that is best for you, and try not to fret about what comes next.
Keep on posting, let us know how you are, etc. God Bless you, hosting friend.


No idea where you are, but I reckon you’d be a right good stay. I’ll bring the wine :wink:



hahahah come on down, Florida is lovely this time of year.

What a great post. As others have said, I lost track of the community side of this forum. You’re so right that it’s the best place to get honest, no-nonsense advice. And some good laughs too! It’s sort of like family - we bicker and fight quite often but ultimately, we’ve always got each other’s backs.
All the best to you @ritaP


Bummer. I’d have a big swim :wink:


Hi ritaP!

Good wishes to you and your husband’s health. I’m very grateful for all the connection of this forum and the caring posters.


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Hi Rita, ur story touched me deeply.
The fact you decided to get on the AirBnB train regardless what it entailed is such an inspiration to me. i always felt I was a tad beyond it at the ripe age of 39. You just gave me a new zest of life.
Thank you Rita and please even if you do decide to deactivate, we would still love to hear from you.
Here’s wishing your hubby a recovery. Bless your heart.

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Thank you so much for your reply, I have never thought about age, and have always embarked on many activities, thanks to a patient and encouraging husband. Actually, I did not know much about airb until my daughter and granddaughter traveled around Europe that way, and told me about all the wonderful hosts they had met and kept in touch with. They encouraged me to turn my guest room in to a true “guest room” and that was the beginning two years ago. I truly enjoy meeting so many diverse nd interesting people, and hosting has kept us both from being bored.
This forum too has been such a blessing, I picture the posters in my minds eye, and try to imagine them as they are.
So at 39 you are thinking you are a “tad beyond it” Never!! you are just beginning a new and wonderful time , every phase of life is wonderful!
If you are just beginning hosting, all the people on this site will give you the best information you could ever need. The generosity of their time and sincere best wishes for all our success is evident with every post.
Thank you too, for your good wishes, I look forward to seeing your posts as well as all the other people who took the time to say hello and send kind words.


Great message! I sometimes tel people that having Airbnb guests is like traveling the world but never having to leave the comfort of my home :blush:

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Hi, How right you are! and isn’t it wonderful to meet so many people from different walks of life who are all the same! People I have met have been fantastic, some contacted us when hearing about the expected hurricane in our area, hoping we were alright! We were so impressed, and certainly happy to tell them that we had dodged a bullet yet again. A young couple from Brazil who stayed with us for a few days, e-mailed to tell us of the birth of their baby. I am blown away by the kindness and goodness of people here on tis forum also, who like you, have responded.
I hope you continue to host and enjoy it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful people here.


Believe me, you’re just a youngster. :slight_smile:

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