Sneaky AIR! RE: weekly discount

I decided I didn’t want to offer a discount for week long stays anymore. I went to change this on the listing.

It was set to their “suggested” weekly discount of 32%. I’m 99% sure I had set it to 10%. It’s possible I saved incorrectly when I originally set it up and it reverted to the suggested amount. I never would have set the discount so high.

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I never offer a discount.
My choice…not theirs.


I have a 10 day max stay, the longest anyone has ever stayed was 5 days. I offer 10% weekly discount but it’s never been used.


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I have found several settings changed in the past. I regularly check availability now with another browser I’m not logged in on. The most obvious ‘glitch’ was about 2 months ago where June-December was blocked. No idea how long it had been that way & I would have never blocked it. It pays to keep an eye on things now more than ever. It takes time but we don’t have a choice.


Hi GardenGnome
I have encountered weird things too. To fix this situation and keep my sanity, whenever I change anything in my settings I take a photo. I have sometimes forgotten to save a change which can cause irritation. I did have a problem of Airbnb blocking dates on my calendar, and when I challenged it and looked for the error it had gone back to normal, this is why I take photos and send these to the resolution centres as proof of malfunctions.
All the best