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Sneaking at look at future guests reviews

Does anyone ever sneak a peek (Keep an eye) at a futures guests reviews to see what they complain about? I have IB, so I would do this after obviously. I find it a great insight, as what they are like as people. I’m dreading some guests soon as they complain about the silliest of things. Why cant they complain privitely, instead of putting hosts, or their place down like that publicly. I’m noting all the things they do and dont like to try and make it a happy experience, but i’m not holding out much hope!


I wasn’t aware we could see reviews they posted! How do we see them? :slight_smile:

You just click into their profile to see what reviews they have had so far. :slight_smile:

Ah I thought you meant reviews that they had posted about other hosts. My bad :grinning:

If you click on their past host’s reviews, you can go to that listing and find the review they left.

yes, sorry i mean that to. Just click on the hosts picture (if they have wrote a review for the guest), then it brings you into were the guests last stayed. Sometimes you will have to go through a lot of reviews, if a host is super busy, but it’s worth it to find that bad boy ! lol :slight_smile:

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I had not been doing this, but will start. I already feel a little better about the guest checking in on Friday! Thanks for posting!


you’re welcome. I love being on the ball ! lol :wink:

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Yes, I do this - I like to see the type of review they leave. If someone is running around leaving stinkbombs, I want to know!


I like your expression!! I shall be using that from now on! ‘Stinkbombs’! Love it lol


I have spent the last hour snooping on upcoming guests reviews of other hosts Time to log off and do something productive :smile:

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Yes. I also have IB. In some cases I see they aren’t leaving other hosts reviews so I don’t leave them one.


Yes, I do look at the reviews our guests have left for other hosts. I have Instant Book enabled, but I’ve found that the persnickety guests don’t Instant Book; they ask questions first. I will decline them if they’ve left nitpicky reviews.

I think you’ve answered your own question, in a way - by looking ahead you are creating a concern for yourself which may be invalid. As has been said, sometimes the guests we dread the most end up being th ones we like the most, and vice-versa. I’d rather not pre-judge a guest. If they are already booked, it doesn’t matter anyway -

Unless, like the guest I had that brought a severely autistic child - in that case, it would have helped me.

Yes, I sometimes look at the reviews. It’s additional info about the guest(s) & their expectations which can be a heads-up for future hosts in dealing with said guest(s) and their expectations.

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