Smokers booking my strictly non-smoking property

I have been tweaking my wording on my listing to make it clear that I don’t get any smokers. I live in the house and am very sensitive to smoke, so I don’t even want to host people who smoke outside because the smell on their clothing can make me sick. I have it written 3 times in my listing that smokers should not book and I will decline your request or cancel your booking if I find out you’re a smoker, and will claim your security deposit for the extra cleaning required. I thought putting it so many times was overkill, but this week I had a guest arrive and he reeked of smoke when he walked in the door. I was taken aback and didn’t know if I should cancel the reservation and not let him in the house. Since it was late and cold out, I let him in.

I realize most people don’t read the full listing, but I put it in the first paragraph and the house rules, so I thought they’d at least see it that way. What else can I do to ensure this doesn’t happen again to me? I used to ask people if they smoke in my initial communication before accepting a booking, but don’t do that anymore since the last time I did it the guest lied to me and then smoked while here. Should I put a no smoking/no smokers picture in my listing with the assumption that most guests will at least see the pictures?


Never hurts to add a picture of a non smoking sign.

You may wish to put it in your “Thank you for considering my rental…” message. Something like, thank you for considering my rental. Out of respect for future guests and me with smoking allergies/sensitivities this is a no-smoking property meaning no smoking on the property.

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Here is the thing, so long as they do not smoke in your home or on your property you would discriminating against individuals because of the way they smell. I am allergic to perfumes and colognes and strong smelling soaps etc but I can not tell people they can not use them. I feel for your plight but not sure how you can totally guard against it without issue. Good Luck!


I have an A4 size laminated sign of the international no smoking sign right next to the entry .
This particularly applies to my asian guests with limited english, I point and smile and they put the cigarettes away.

I beg to differ with you. Smokers are not a protected class in the US. Even AirBnB says we can decline people who smoke.

  • Airbnb hosts may
    • Except as noted above, Airbnb hosts may decline to rent based on factors that are not prohibited by law. For example, except where prohibited by law, Airbnb hosts may decline to rent guests with pets, or to guests who smoke.
    • Nothing in this policy prevents a host from turning down a guest on the basis of a characteristic that is not protected under the civil rights laws or closely associated with a protected class. For example, an Airbnb host may turn down a guest who wants to smoke in a unit, or place limits on the number of guests in a unit.


There are some people who are sensitive to smells and I understand that as certain odors will trigger my asthma, a big one is pot. Just the smell of it will make me sick to my stomach and a killer headache let alone trigger an attack. I would be very cautious to kick some one out because of smell unless I can prove they are the one doing it or have that habit. I have in the past talked with individuals, especially pot smell" and state while I understand that it is your choice however we do not allow it in any form in my home or property. And I gentle point out the just being around it causes me great strife. Having a conversation with your guest is better than placing blame before all the facts are known. There are people who do not realize how much a smell they may carry with them. The individual may have to state instead of no-smoking…“I’m sorry but I am allergic to smoke in all forms…NON_SMOKERS allowed only”


@GardenFairy - THIS,

This is the ONLY statement that will protect you. Simply stating No Smoking implies smokers are still welcome provided they smoke elsewhere. I would make this statement one of the first sentences in your listing description.


“We would prefer to rent to non smokers and non vapers due to potential catastrophic damage to the fine trailers, textiles and the entire neighborhood.”
This sentiment is repeated several times in my listing verbage.
When I get a booking before accepting I make sure its clear that they can’t smoke.

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We just had exactly the same problem. I as you said, tweaked our ad, saying in several places that two family members had asthma and were allergic to cigarette smoke and nicotine. My wife took it one step farther–she bought eight no smoking signs and one of the photos that our ad leads off with is our smart lock saying how great it is, but with a smoking sign next to it that is larger than the lock.
At that same door she has a large no smoking sign on a support next to the door and a sticker on the door.
Also, now whenever someone wants to reserve the first thing I ask is if they saw our no-smoking on the photo on the listing and in the house rules. Our son says we are going to cut out a good portion of our potential guests–but that is better than having to run a family member to the emergency room. We had some people smoking on our patio recently and nobody had to say anything because my wife swelled up and looked like a tomato–imagine what that would be like if they were in the house.


Yes, & I put store bought no smoking signs on the entrances & in the rooms the guests occupy, I also mention it upon arrival that there in no smoking INSIDE OR anywhere on the property because of my health issues. My guests are always happy to stay somewhere that doesn’t allow smoking. It’s my property & my health. All hosts decide what they are willing to allow or put up with but it’s something I absolutely can’t take. Likewise when I book a place I’m very clear that it has to be no smoking & pet free because of my health & allergies. Stick to your policies & don’t let guests get away with this behavior because then they continue to do it at other AIRBNBs, don’t fool yourself they know exactly what they’re doing, in my early days of hosting I had a few people try this & other things that broke my house rules as listed. I called AIR immediately & even put a few guests on my phone to AIR & AIR explained to them that they would not be staying at my place & wouldn’t be getting a refund either because they had agreed to abide by my house rules. I know there are quite a few who will disagree with me, but it’s my property, my rules & I respect other people’s rights to determine their own policies.


@gypsy - If by “prefer” you mean you will only rent to non-smokers, then just say that you only rent to non-smokers.


Actually I think you can ban scents. I have allergies to all sorts of fragrances but due to the fact that I would probably not get bookings I don’t restrict all fragrances but ban the most toxic one in my house and state that their reservation will be cancelled is they spray air freshener or use cinnamon. Even though the space is separate I can still react. My house, my rules and the US does consider a fragrance allergy a disability so while smokers may not be a protected class we probably are.

That is interesting. My wife and son are allergic (violently) to many things–I am allergic to my wife’s perfume.

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Yes you can! PUT IT IN THE HOUSE RULES and say that if they use perfumes you will immediately cancel their booking! Make sure that you say that your allergies are life-threatening (in my case a heavily perfumed woman passenger in the taxi I drove at the time caused my airway to start closing, even with the windows open).

Remember even vehement non-smokers like myself could end up coming come smelling of smoke (I hate some forced work functions where smokers are as well, even if I separate myself from them while they are actually smoking, sitting in the car next to them on the ride home is horrible and definitely rubs the smell off on me.

Here is my first House Rule for the Guest Bedroom of my House (it’s only slightly less restrictive for my separate listings).

  1. NO SMOKING ANYWHERE ON THE ENTIRE PROPERTY! I prefer non-smokers due to the fact that even outside smokers have the smell in their hair and clothes. If you, or any of your guests are smokers, or will be visiting a venue during your stay where smoking is common, please let me know ahead of time so I can prepare with an extra HEPA filter. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke smell.
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Interesting how Air can turn down a guest who smokes because it is not prohibited. What about the host’s right to prevent a health hazard? It’s semantics, but what about OUR rights?

I did not know the US considered considered this a disability, and looked it up thinking ??? Thank you for the information.

I’ve never had a problem turning down smokers for a regular lease rental as yes, they are not a protected class. However, I’ve been wondering how exactly, other than the honor system - which obviously by the comments here people don’t follow, to ensure smoking isn’t taking place in our STR. One of the many things to be concerned about. It is in house rules.

I agree with this but if the guests smokes outside, say far away from your house (300 ft) and then comes home you will smell it on his clothes/hand/breath. But he did nothing wrong. He didn’t smoke on your property. SO this will be exactly like a guest with heavy cologne you don’t like or body odor you don’t like. I doubt there is anything about this in ABB’s rules.

Read the direct quote from AirBnB’s rules above that state a host can decline a guest who is a smoker. And by the way, my guest absolutely did do something wrong. He smoked right outside my front door, while still on my property.

Airbnb hosts may

  • Except as noted above, Airbnb hosts may decline to rent based on factors that are not prohibited by law. For example, except where prohibited by law, Airbnb hosts may decline to rent guests with pets, or to guests who smoke.

Yes, what about our rights? Smokers seem to think it’s ok because they do it outside, but don’t realize that they carry it back inside on their clothing. I’ve been coughing from the smell this guest left—why should my health suffer because this guest refused to find a place that allows smoking?