Smoke Alarms input

Hi there,

Any tips on what smoke alarm to get for my apartment?
Also should these be placed in every room in the house including washroom bathroom etc? or just in the kitchen area and bedrooms?

any recommendations please?

I have mine placed in the hall way outside of the bedrooms and one near the kitchen

I would not put one in the bathroom, it will go off every time someone showers.

There is also a lot of debate about smoke alarms in kitchens, you will get a lot af false alarms. If you put an alarm there, make sure people can easily reach it to turn it off.

The minimum is 1 alarm between the bedroom and the possible sources of a fire.
But better is to put one in every bedroom, 1 in the livingroom and one in the hallway.

I would get an alarm with a sealed lithium fixed battery, so you do not have to change the battery every few months. Or guests being disturbed by a low battery beep.

Unless someone here is an expert, I would not be trusting our opinion. There are professional agencies who come to your home and for very low costs install the exact number you need accordingly to size of your rooms, distance to doorway or hallway and the law applicable to your type of dwelling and location. They will also then come every year and change batteries and check functioning for also low cost. It’s a standard landlord service.

With such things of great importance relating to safety it is always good to think ‘how would this look if it ended up in the coroners court?’. If you put the wrong type or an insufficient number of alarms in your apartment and someone dies, it’s not going to cut it to say you saved $200 and got advice on a free Airbnb forum without validating the persons credentials you took advice from…

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If you are in the USA, there is a real code that everyone has to follow. Two smoke detectors will not be enough in any space that is bigger than a studio. Your fire department will have the current codes available for you, and will even come and do an inspection so that you can be assured that your detectors are in the correct place. in my city, this is a gratis appointment. Generally, fire fighters are very pro-getting-people-out-in-time. And, they actually have a fair amount of time on their hands.


Kiddie Connected Alarms. We use these along with Wink. If any type of smoke, low battery or tampering take place we get alerted on our phones within seconds. Plus when one goes off, it sets off all the others.


My town, El Paso, TX, has a program where the fire department gives out smoke alarms. The first step is to contact your local fire department or check online.

I have smoke alarm device in every room. They are useful if somebody in the house, but if the house is empty they are useless. I am going to replace them with devices that can be connected to my phone

Thanks for the input guys!

Can you send me links for the alarms as there are so many to choose from I don’t really know which to choose!