SmartHome Cautions

I know that a lot of AirBNB hosts using all the “Smart” tools now available on the market. You can’t go to a new condo conversion where the whole house can’t be controlled via your iPhone. I have resisted all of these tools for several reasons. First off, they remind me of the in-counter blenders and other kitchen appliances. Once the machine dies, your countertop now has a indentation with no purpose.

I have the same fears with all these Smart devices. After making holes in your walls, running the wiring, etc, the technology becomes obsolete and now you have all this technology debris that shows its age.

My other problem with this stuff is the thing that makes them the most cool. Remote connectivity. I can log into almost everyone’s system in the neighborhood. There are tutorials on the web on how to hack a NEST. The bulk of current users don’t even bother to change their default password!

The value in cracking remote locks to front doors is HUGE. And, if you run an AirBNB your neighbors wouldn’t think twice about someone new entering your home. It happens every day. What brought this all to mind, is this article in the NYTimes.

Lock your devices down, hard. Use a ridiculously hard password to remember as your master. Know where your logs go and review them regularly.


The machine that I made to like this post is now asking me to pay one Bitcoin, but I cannot do that over the sound of Alexa playing the Russian anthem.


I have a semi smart set up. I have Piper and a smart lock, but they’re not on the same network. If a stranger came in…I’d know right away because I can see it. And there’s no way anyone could get both systems down without me being alerted right away. Even when my internet goes down I’m alerted.

During all my waking hours, I have my iPhone right next to me. When I’m at home, I’m usually using the laptop with the phone on the desk so that I can see any activity instantly. I love technology, I use social media several times a day.

But I use NO technology in the rental. Nothing. It’s just more to go wrong.

Before we listed on Airbnb I was constantly helping guests who were trying to get into our neighbour’s rental with a phone-activated entry. For various reasons, it rarely worked and guests hated it. (Although I know that this works for many hosts). This made me decide that I would avoid the whole ‘smarthome’ thing.

Guests have a hard enough time simply working the coffee machine!


I use Nest camera and thermostat and LOVE them. Could never go back. I don’t have a smart lock because our front door won’t support it. I just have an old fashioned push-button lockbox with the key inside. Never had a problem.

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I use Nest cameras, a Nest thermostat and keypad locks (not connected to Internet) and have never had any trouble with them! I like being able to check to see if guests and cleaners have arrived or left with the cameras, and to shut off the thermostat if the house is vacant for a couple days. Good info to know about the security though!