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Smart pricing strangely absent on one listing January 22nd and 23rd

Any ideas how this could have happened? I am looking through to increase my prices (was going to wait until the new year or at least until my pre Christmas booking is done but going to go ahead sooner). Found this anomaly and was wondering if anyone else had any other experience with this.

When I turn off smart pricing for certain dates like to raise or lower the price the arrow goes off. That’s the only time I’ve had that (that I noticed.)

I certainly can’t help, we don’t have Smart pricing en España, just another wee geo idiosyncrasy with Airbnb.

As a side note, I did once suggest to my OH that my pricing policy was pretty smart. She disagreed.

Oh well…


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Me, too, until now. Thanx.

I had no idea that Smart Pricing was not available everywhere…I wonder why. I’m guessing that somewhere there is a law that precludes its use as everywhere else.

Oh, and the $132 at the bottom is not an actual listing that I use anymore. It was when I first started the whole house listing…

I’ve no idea. I didn’t know it existed until I joined this forum!

Having seen how Airbnb works with (all we have) “price tips” I’m still suspicious of their algorithms that determine prices.

Yeah, yeah, we believe you.

maybe you should change your username to SeriouslyRichMiliteryHorseGal.




Actually, The price had been $32 and I added the $100 in case it accidentally got booked…

Still a “yeah, yeah”.

Forum meet up, Kelly’s buying. Booking my flight as we type.




Lol! Good on ya Spaniard! Let me know where you are staying!! :wink:

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Oh… not yours then?



Well, I have a booking for 10 at the whole house listing tonight with 7 booked 27th-30th and just had an inquiry for a disabled and her 10 pound service animal for tomorrow night through the 27th at my farm with me so its a bit tight for a forum group meetup. I’d be happy to have any of y’all though most of y’all have much nicer dogs than me.

I don’t use Smart Pricing but do notice lack of other information for a day or three sometimes on the calendar. It coincides with a “lack of data” on the stats chart, it’s cross-hatched. I’d show you with a screenshot, but of course I don’t have any spots of it on there right now. Basically, for whatever reason, sometimes there is no data for a day or two. It effects price tips and market info, etc. I’ve always wondered what happens if you have Smart Pricing on.

@JJD It just listed my base price in my case which wasn’t going to be any different than their smart price but it was more than a month away and I RARELY get a booking that far out…

I think I have had 2 and one was for Christmas this year in August and she canceled after I tried to get her to approve the 4 I think extra people because she had booked for just herself…and she is a host too.

Interesting because when she booked the smart prices were super high (like 50% more I think) and shortly after canceling the prices have slowly reverted to my base price as it has gotten closer and it is still I booked. Although based on my own things I have increased it some. It will likely get booked last minute when I have increased the prices daily for the previous few days…

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