Smart pricing question

Forgive me if this has been covered before, but I recently decided to try smart pricing to see what results I would get by doing what Airbnb wants (use instant book and smart pricing). I got a few bookings almost immediately, $1 or $2 above my minimum price for this off season, but for several days, which is preferable. Then I noticed they had set the price for most of the unhooked midweek nights way above market and way above the Airbnb recommended price. At my low price point $10-$14 a night is a big difference. Obviously I can go back to setting the price manually and adjusting it periodically depending on how eager I am to get a booking. I am just wondering how this works. There are many listings like mine in the area, so I have to be competitive.

There should be a place where you can enter your minimums so Abb doesnt go below that #.

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They did not go below my minimum

Sorry- I meant to say max. Abb messed with mine when I first started so I just went ahead and did my own. I will check my area airbnbs to see their rates- level of availability etc- and alter if needed. That way I can stay competitive but also try to stay booked.