Smart Pricing glitch

Good to know.

Sorry, poor memory for some things. I get a lot of messages. But I do recall you looking for a puppy. LOL.

I have a number for the Canadian Superhost line, which I have never seen listed in the usual Airbnb contact info- I can’t even remember where I got it- it may have come up in a Google search.

I have had very little occasion to need to contact CS, but I did call that number a couple years ago, after they seemed to transfer everyone to the outsourced Phillipine workers, and the rep was actually in Winnipeg- I asked her where she was located and she had a French Canadian accent.

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My cat’s behavior definitely changed after I had to have my dog put down. I wouldn’t say it was mourning in her case- they basically ignored each other and she sometimes lashed out at the dog (she was a feral cat I took in).

It’s hard to explain, but she became both more aggressive with me but also more affectionate. She suddenly started meowing to be fed, which she had never done before, and rubbing against my legs, also a new behavior. It’s like she knew she was now the only animal in my life.
Mammals definitely are aware of their presence in each other’s lives, regardless of what form that takes, and I’m sure they are aware of the absence as well. And if they were buddies, I’m sure they feel a sense of loss and loneliness.


My SP glitch goes the other way. For some reason, SP has chosen a (slow time for us) weekend in late Sept. and decided my rental is worth over three times what nearly a decade of rental experience tells me I can charge - more than it has ever suggested during a peak weekend. Does Airbnb know something I don’t?

I manage another listing two doors down, which SP generally puts at slightly lower rates than the one I own, and that one has the weekend rates at exactly what I would expect them to be.

Has anyone else seen anything like this recently?