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Smart Pricing and Minimum Price

I want to be able to have different minimum prices and also have Smart Pricing enabled but cant find a way to do it. e.g I am open for bookings 6 months in advance and would like to have a minimum winter price set at say $70 for three months but the next three months heading into summer set at $90 whilst at the same time have Smart Pricing enabled to catch and premium periods to get higher rate if I can. Whilst I can change pricing in the calendar by setting a higher price for the summer months as soon as I hit the Smart Pricing button the minimum picks up the rate that is set in the listing details. Is there a way round this issue?

Ignore Smart Pricing, it is not really smart, and will not “catch” premium periods" since it has no idea of what your premium periods are. Those kinds of pricing changes are going to need to be entered and revised, manually, on a week-by-week basis.

KenH, I have found SP to be a very effective way to get higher prices and effective high booking rate. I also get a good rate of booking on my minimum rate during quieter periods. What I want to do is set a higher minimum rate for different periods whilst keeping SP active. If anyone can tell me how to do this that would be great.

This is the first year I have used Smart Pricing and I have to disagree with your assessment @KenH. It has picked up quite a few events I was unaware of in the area and I have been quite impressed with it. Since I switched completely to instant book and SP I find myself pleasantly shocked when I get a booking that is considerably higher than I would have set myself. Price Tips on the other hand are absolutely useless. Like OP, I would like to see a flexibility in setting the low price as I am in a seasonal destination.

My experience has been the complete opposite, but glad it’s working for you!

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