Smart price is really dumb price? Charges more than I want

Okay, maybe this is nothing but I’ve set a price of 300SEK for renting my room out, however it says when you search for my town that I charge 303 SEK which just looks dumb, does anyone know why this is? It is low season etc.

Hello, have you set a fixed price or a price range - like 200-400SEK? If it’s a range, smart pricing will fluctuate within that. In that scenario it might be low season but there’s an extra 1% added to the price as Airbnb thinks it is justified. You can narrow or remove the range if you like.

The strange thing is that even though I changed the price ranged and got it “fixed”, when I search for my city the “old” price still shows.

Try using incognito browsing or another browser if you haven’t tried that already. A price change should be instant if you’ve saved it.

Nope, cleared my cache history and made sure all the changes were saved (even lowered my price a bit more) but still it is the same 302 (not 303 as I previously posted). It just really nags me that the pricing looks so off to me.

When I look it’s 299kr

Phew, then it works for others at least (and that’s all that matters). Thanks!

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I see it if I enter my listing, but not when I search for “Tibro Sweden”. Then I still see 302kr. Strange…?

I see variations as the fluctuations in the exchange rate

Even more perplexing is that if i search my listing using the mobile app, it always shows up an extra dollar more expensive .