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Smart Access for Guests



Should o Read


That would be great for basic cleanliness / illegal activity checks! Obviously this would not work on bedroom doors but most front doors.


How new are they? A quick search just turned up a used one an eBay.


We have that too, We have Zmodo doorbell camera for every property,


Having a doorbell camera is good for monitoring occupancy max adherence/ sneaking in pets with out paying while being discreet. If the system and app are a one time purchase I don’t care much about the price as long as it provides good functionality. If it is a subscription based app I would pass. Monthly subscription fees add up to fast.


No monthly subscription fees required. The video clips store 24 hours on the app. If I see anything I just download it otherwise they will all be replaced after 24 hours.


So I fixed the issue with this I think. I need some guests to test it, lol.

I’ve bookmarked one on Amazon; I’d still have to inset it into the wood so that takes some time. If the fix I did this morning works after it warms up and the doorframe swells, I’m done. If I have to work on it some more I may buy the new strike plate. Thanks for your advice and encouragment.


No problem at all . At leasts it’s wood and not a metal frame. Woods forgivening :wink:


I have a wrought iron security door on the exterior of this door. It also could close/latch better but I have to get my grinder out to work on that strike hole and that’s not happening anytime soon.


Get yourself one of these. They are awesome. Makita use to be the only one you could for $650
Best $50 you could spend


I have a electronic engineering degree, so I’ve made a Arduino project to unlock door when calling.
Principle of action is really simple:

  1. I’m adding a phone number and 4 digit password into database.
  2. Sending door phone number and 4 digit password to customer.
  3. He/She calls and types 4 digit.
  4. Magic happens. Door unlocks.

I know, maybe it’s sounds geeky and complicated, but it isn’t. Where’s a lot of detailed information how to do it. Just type “gsm door opener arduino” in Google and you might find all the information you might need to do it. :slight_smile:


I am researching RemoteLock. Does anyone use them or know of them? They integrate with Air and VRBO. They have developed an app and desktop management software.


We use the August lock with the keypad option. Most people just use the keypad. It’s nice because it auto links to your Airbnb to generate the access for the exact time for their reservation. The downside is. Most guests say they didn’t get the code automatically from August Home. No biggie. We get a copy of the email and I copy and paste it into a message on the Airbnb app. It does eat batteries. We only get 4-7 weeks for the batteries. I like it also because I can program a code if I need a trade to enter to work on the unit. You have to buy the lock, the connect and the keypad. The connect has to be placed by the door so you can remote connect. I have had to remote connect to unlock the door more times than I thought I would. We have had random things with the connect and found its quicker to call August lock for tech support than than try to troubleshoot on your own. Your door has to open and close good. If it requires any pulling the lock won’t work and it will frustrate guests.


I have been researching August Lock also, as many people use it. It looks to clunky and modern for my units. Remote Lock has all the same features as August lock and more traditional looking locks. There software can accommodate multiple locks on multiple units. It is scalable for resorts with multiple room.


August has two versions of its 3rd generation locks. One is like all the other generations but the other looks more like a traditional lock.

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