Sleeps 6! what's going on

Why when I search for my property using a filter as ‘number of Guests 6’ the property comes up on page 3 of any search, good, but if I search 1 guest or 4 guests in the filter I do not come up at all on 17 pages of a search? Its so bad I cannot say how disappointed I am with AirBnB.

I did this a while back and found similar issues which seem to be related to caching or something. Try the search using a private browsing mode (incognito, inprivate, etc.).


Try going into a different browser and logging out of your account to see the true results. @AndrewAndrews

If you search using your own account it will remember previous searches and you will coming higher up the rankings than would normally be the case.

Remember that most guests search using definite criteria other than just how many people the rental will accommodate.