Slaughtered sheep put listing on hold

We had 6 of our sheep killed by local dogs last weekend. The dogs were seen in one of our paddocks in the time period the sheep were killed but this is not enough evidence to keep them locked up. They have been released from the pound and one was seen heading in the direction of the farm but was picked up by the owner. We have six sheep left and know it is only a matter of time before they come back. So we have put our farm Airbnb on hold for now in one of our busiest times of year.

Are they wild dogs? Can you contact the spca

If they’re on your land you can shoot them can’t you?


No they are domestic dogs. Yes we can shoot them if they are on our land and attacking our sheep. But we are not always there. They were killed in a 2 1/2 hour time period. It is so frustrating.

What a horrible loss - so sorry for your pain. Especially frustrating that you are, in many ways, helpless in the situation.

So sorry to hear that, it must be so upsetting. I don’t allow dogs as there are sheep farmers around me and if the dogs worried or attacked the sheep they would be shot (lawfully) so I can’t take the risk.

Really sorry to hear that. Would you be able to set up a camera in the paddock area for monitoring?

I feel for you!!! Neighbor’s dog has killed nine of our chickens and that stung. But to loose beautiful sheep?!?!?! I’d be so ticked off!!

What type of dogs are they?

A staffie and a cattle dog