Skatteverket and airbnb

The Swedish tax authorities are now going after airbnb hosts- This is fairly new, and they will also charge 12% VAT. Anyone out there???

Well you have to pay VAT 12% if you rent more than 16 weeks and/or more than a certain sum.
It’s not only air bnb but all channels.
edit. i don’t think it’s new, it’s just that the tax office is doing more controls.


On everything you earn more then SEK 40.000 a year, you have to pay 30%. Nothing new!

30% after 20% deduction. Plus you have to pay VAT if you do more than 4 months renting per year.

I can’t find the 12%. Where did you read that?

"Moms vid uthyrning av möblerade rum
När du hyr ut din bostad för tillfällig logi till olika hyresgäster mer än sammanlagt 16 veckor och omsättningen överstiger 50 000 kronor under ett år blir uthyrningen momspliktig. "

Found it, tack så mycket!

@moniek If that is your cabin in your profile pic, it looks adorable. Would you mind sharing your listing? You can DM me if you don’t want to add here.

Thank you for responding. It is 12% from day ONE if you rent out a room for more than 112 nights and/or 50000 SEK per year. The taxman told me this is new and generated by the hotel industry. It applies from 2016. The personal deduction is 40000 SEK. Then there is a room deduction according to the size of the room over flat size, times number of nights rented out over number of available nights in the period, I am still trying to figure it out but am getting there.

I just wondered if people were aware of this, as i was not but am now!

Hi Moniek, you also have to go to Skatteverket to register for MOMS if that applies to you. I have about 20 pages of info obligingly supplied by SV, all in Swedish. My Swedish is minimal, but the taxman was actually very kind and helpful. I don’t want fellow hosts to find out this stuff too late, and get fined, as i am.

Where do you see about the room deduction?

Can you send me in private the 20 pages that you have?

Hi Theresa! Not yet this year, but better be prepared for the next!


It’s really really cheap :slight_smile: but very nice place.

Our place is at Örebro

No, not cheap, sounds so negative :blush: affordable is much better​:grin:
Do you understand if you need to start to pay moms if you think you are going to earn more then 40.000?

Our earnings are far above 40.000…

No, I mean to ask if I have to pay moms in january allready if I think I will earn more then 50.000 SEK next year, or begin to pay moms after I reached that amount. Maybe better visit Skatteverket…

For that I don’t know.
Please give me back information regarding that when you get the info.

Okay, I will do that!

Mr Skatteman sent me the uthryning m.m. ‘‘hjälp blankett’’ form which you are not supposed to send in to SV although I had to do so. It is supposed to be a guide, Go to Avdrag number 6, den del av hyran som avser det som hyrts ut. Then you go to the back of the page and number 12 is supposed to help you figure it out but it does not. It was the skattesman who told me how to do it.