Six Figure AirBnB?

May I ask if there are any six figure airbnb earners here?

what do you mean by that? what are you asking?

I wonder if Mearns (whose unit is on a private island and is featured in an AIR tv commerical) earns 100k+ with her listing.

I am wondering if any are making six figures with their rentals.

There will surely be. I make 30K with one room. There are people who run several of have large holiday rentals in prime locations.


Yep fully booked all year at $350 a night is over 100K gross


We do at about 60% occupancy.


Looks like you are a 6 figure wage earner…6 glam properties at $150 per night should be bringing you the big bucks ! How is it going?

:slight_smile: Busy. Maddening at times. Rewarding always. We feels very blessed and are most thankful for every grain of success.


Good to hear about your success! I have 2 properties in Charleston, SC…one is a 5 BR and the other is a 4BR. I list on air and also on other sites. I have been pleasantly surprised at the good bookings that have come from air this past year.


As a mentor once told me when I started out in business, ‘It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep’, also ‘Profit is just something you pay taxes on’. I always keep that in mind. Me, on one 3 bdr, 2ba on a ‘famous’ resort island in Charleston County, SC ~50k, paid taxes on less than half, used it myself for almost 3 months (but worked on it almost every day!). So it’s not a living but sort of a side business that pays for itself.

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May I ask which other sites? We’ve used Flip Key but, it is a trickle compared to Airbnb. Much success to you. We adore Airbnb. We enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

i think you are best on air. Other sites are suited to larger properties.

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Before you folks get too comfy with your 6 figures, many cities are now creating ordinances (e.g. Los Angeles) to get rid of short term rentals that are found in upscale neighborhoods, or where entire apartments are being Airbnb’d out–leaving little rental stock for local residents–remember your gain is a local renter’s loss. I know of apartment complexes where the owner was able to get rid of long time long term renters, and one they were gone (evicted) the owner switched over to short term rentals–these properties are the ones the city is especially targeting in a city where there are not enough affordable rentals to begin with. The draft ordinance will eliminate 1000’s of Airbnbs in LA–the ordinance is currently on it’s way to City Council for a vote very soon. I suggest everyone write to City Council members, the mayor, and the staff of the planning dept. to tell them how you benefit from Airbnb (but not if you are one of those 6 figure earners! --those enterprises will most certainly be shut down no matter how much they lobby the city)

Our homes would never be be long term rentals. We did not kick anyone out and we follow all local laws, ans have corresponding permits/liscense. I agree some people are doing this illegally and hurting the community, others have empty vacation homes (like us) that wanted to make money while they are not in use. The abusers should be reprimanded and booted off the site, but just bc someone is making 6 figures it doesnt mean they are one of the bad apples.


We are on the Navajo nation. An American Indian reservation which often sees staggering unemployment, depression like economic opportunity, and third world conditions. Frankly, Airbnb has been empowering.


@azreala Sorry for that–you are correct–not everyone who makes 6 figures is harming the community. Vacations houses are a natural to rent out short term. Happy Hosting, Wendy

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If they ever decide to ban short term rentals in my area they would have to rename it
Foreclosure Island!


I guess it’s possible to pay taxes and offer the place as a bed and/without breakfast.
The problem is people that are renting places are not paying corresponding taxes (no declaration of the income).

Are you referring to 6 figure gross income or after expenses are paid? And is the figure before or after depreciation is taken? And are you including a mortgage payment?

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