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Site is down....anyone know typical downtime?


I just got a in IB for tonight, check in between 7-9 pm and it’s 2:20 pm now. I messaged the guy back right away. The site has been down since then. I know i have the booking but don’t know if he got or can get my message with info about checking in. Should I cancel my plans for tonight or does the site usually get back online quickly (it’s been about 20 minutes so far).


@K9KarmaCasa. It isn’t down for me.


Fine here in NZ.


Can you call him?..


I can’t access his phone number which is on the itinerary that’s only online. If some of you can access the site maybe be can as well. Surely it won’t be down long. If it gets late and it’s not back up I’ll call Airbnb and get them to give me his number.


Have you tried an alternate browser? Sometimes that does help… and sometimes it doesn’t.


No but I tried the app.


Just tried. It works fine for me.

You could also call Airbnb explain the situation and see if they will email you the guest confirmation?


It’s back up now, and I immediately got the phone number in case it goes down again. Thanks all for trying to help.


And then right back down. @Helsi, I got the standard email confirmation but it doesn’t have the information on it, it has hyperlinks so when I click “view itinerary” it takes me to the website. Luckily I was able to grab the cell number and text them and tell them the site’s been down and to text me if the need info.

It’s a good reminder not to rely on the app when traveling but to screen shot info or print out the itinerary. It must be a huge headache for Air when the site goes down not to mention lost bookings.


I’ve been down for several hours, get 503 error on both chrome and ie


Probably NOT AirBnb the site… probably AirBnb the app…


A few times I have seen the site down for short periods. I wonder if they do that regionally to make updates to the site.


It could be. It was down off and on for about 3 hours yesterday. I only noticed because I was trying to communicate with a guest who had just booked.


FWIW, I’m having trouble with the site again today. Exactly like yesterday I got a booking, typed out a reply message and then clicked over to make sure it sent. I also usually wait a few minutes to see if they reply immediately. Is the correlation between the booking and the problem two days in a row is quite the coincidence.

Being the clever genius that I am I learned nothing yesterday and didn’t screen shot the reservation screen with the guest phone number. At least this guest doesn’t arrive in a few hours.


Are you mobile or using a computer?


I’m on computer most of the time but when computer is down and check the app, it’s down too.


Not very professional of Airbnb. Hard to run a business when you can’t communicate with your guests. It is working for me though. No troubles today.


Interestingly today’s booking messaged me via Airbnb after 3 hours in reply to me. I didn’t say anything about the site being down but he said “Here’s my cell phone # just in case.” It makes me wonder if he had trouble logging in.

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