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Singapore beware this host Bella

HI All,

I have booked Air Bnb before and familiar with the does and donts. As such I would like to warn you of this person purely because I had a bad experience. Her customer service seems very poor. I did not stay at her place, and even though I was happy too at first, I sent a message to ask her if the room was shared or not because it was a bit ambiguous in the description, to which she replied: “It’s obvious”.

I then commented on her poor customer service and that it won’t work out between us. She then replied: “I should not come to Singapore!”. This kind of poor attitude should not be allowed and shows a lack of respect towards the customer.

Please be careful when dealing with people that have this kind of attitude as it sets a president to how your stay might end up in the end!

Of course I let you deicide if you wish to book her or not, I just wanted to share my experience in the hope she improves and also that others with a similar attitude know this is not acceptable by any standards, specially by Singapore standards as they recognised to be one of the best in the world!

Lazius Kaye

Small change to my previous text above, she said: “Read the Ad” when replying to my first question not 'its obvious"

, which I thought was very rude".

Please view attached pictures of my transcript.

But singarpoor is really expensive, what are you expecting? If you don’t have money, you should not go there, If you have money you should go to a hotel…What is the problem?

Suzanne, do you think that because someone advertises a listing in a expensive city they can be rude? I’m sure that’s not what you meant. Someone wanting clarity on a listing doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t use Airbnb although there are many guests that for sure are more comfortable in a traditional hotel environment.

Lazius, while I think that you might be a bit sensitive, I don’t think that a brusque “Read the ad” is a proper response to a guest inquiry. I get super frustrated with guests that don’t read the description, but I would never answer in that way even if I wanted to. I’d say something like “thanks for the inquiry. Please note that the description is very thorough with the details of the listing, but for clarity, the space is shared” or something.

Lazius…a host without basic people skills will soon be out of business, so let this go and know that her hosting gig will most likely die a natural death before too long.

Ignore the troll posts.

I’ve read some of your posts Susanne, with much amusement. You keep talking bad about Chinese people. The funny thing is that your Money is King attitude actually sounds like a lot of people I met while living in Mainland China. Are you sure you are not Chinese? user name makes me think you might be.

You are not better than the people you host, just because you have more money than them, or think you do. You sound exactly like one of those “tuhao” people in the good old PRC.

(If you were truly so rich, would you be renting out rooms in your house? It’s obvious from the way you talk about your guests that you can’t stand them, so it’s not like you are hosting as a fun hobby.)

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