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Signing up for enhanced cleaning designation

Question: for those who have done the steps to accept the cleaning protocol - how long has it taken to show up on your listing?

I got really frustrated with the process to “agree” to the enhanced cleaning practices. I clicked on the button to agree, checked my Performances tab which indicated I haven’t completed the step to opt in, clicked on that and got a page to download the manual, clicked on another spot and got an “opportunity” to buy supplies…

In frustration I called the help desk. It is not working hours in the US so ended up in a call center with an ESL speaker who did not understand the problem. In the meantime, an email showed up stating “Sucess! You’ve agreed to the Covid-19 safety practices” To be sure it is on my listing, I opened an incognito window. Not there.

Does it take a while to show up?

It’s been awhile since this was discussed on the forum but if I remember correctly the answer is yes. It takes awhile before the bullet point shows on the listing description.

Yes, and in true Airbnb fashion, after doing the “quiz” and opting in, it appeared on one property after about ten days and the second around a week later.


I just took the quiz recently and the badge showed up the next day on my listing.

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If finally showed up and I moved from page 14 to page 1, the 4th listing.

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